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Ricky Hatton Gives His Tyson Fury – Anthony Joshua Prediction

British boxing legend, Ricky Hatton, has had his say on the heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

If all parties involved are to be believed, a fight between ‘The Gypsy King’ and AJ is on its way to being made. Hatton, who is close with Fury and has been in his corner for fights in the past, gives an insight into why his friend might want the fight.

In an interview with Boxing Social, he said:

“I’m very proud to call him [Fury] my friend … He’s a gentleman, but sometimes you don’t know what to believe what comes out. But I do believe Tyson in the sense that he wants it. All Tyson has ever wanted from present day to years gone by was to be the best. To prove to everyone he’s the best.”

Should it go ahead and the two meet in the ring, would it be the biggest British fight of all time? Hatton, who was involved in few big ones himself, believes it could be.

“I’d have like to have [seen] it when they were both unbeaten, because then categorically without a doubt it would’ve been the biggest fight in British boxing history. I think it still might be the biggest fight in British boxing history you know, two heavyweights – it was only like a few years ago we didn’t even know the name of a British heavyweight, no disrespect.”

“It’s a very, very great time to be a British boxing fan, certainly in the heavyweight division but I think in British boxing in general.”

Finally, asked to predict the outcome, ‘The Hitman’ is going with the betting favourite, although he certainly isn’t counting AJ out.

“I think Tyson, and I think most people would say Tyson. And that’s not to say AJ has not got a chance, because Tyson – he’ll forgive me for saying – he’s been on his backside a few times against Wilder and a few others. So you never know what can happen and when you’re hit with AJ, you know.

AJ’s lost twice now to Usyk and I think he could go into that fight with a lot of pressure off. Legacy cemented – two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World, Olympic Gold Medallist. He’s coming off two defeats so everyone’s obviously going to think Tyson gonna’ be the favourite, so he could go into that fight nice and relaxed, confident, nothing to lose. You never know, he could surprise us.

“But I think everything that Usyk’s got – the movement, the ability, the footwork, the distance – I think Tyson’s got everything as well. But Tyson’s got the size, the height, the reach, the ability. He’s a bigger Usyk so ultimately I think that would make me pick Tyson over AJ.”

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