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Manny Pacquiao ignored again as Floyd Mayweather lines up fight

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao again missed out as career rival Floyd Mayweather lines up another fight before the end of the year.

The oldest winner of a welterweight belt continues to be lined with a fight against Mayweather after the latter stated he’d attempt to go 51-0 in a pro bout within twelve months.

It’s been six of those already, and Mayweather has a September exhibition penciled in at RIZIN 38. According to Middle Eastern reports, Floyd will fight again in Dubai this November or December.

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao II

This scenario leaves Mayweather vs Pacquiao II off the table until at least the spring of 2023. By then, Floyd Mayweather, already a grandfather, will be 46.

Mayweather and Pacquiao continue to be in each other’s thoughts, though. Possibilities surrounding a future rematch remain firmly on the table.

It’s simply a question of whether it will be an exhibition or a full pro-swansong fight for both. There’s no doubting that Mayweather is on Pacquiao’s mind and vice versa.

The lingering process comes as Pacquiao prepares for a first dip into the exhibition market this December. The former Philippines Senator battles DK Yoo – a combat YouTuber.

He was previously linked to exhibitions against Oscar De La Hoya [who lost a split decision to Mayweather] and ESPN analyst Timothy Bradley in the United States.

A date of April or May next year is workable for MayPac 2 – if they both want it.

When they fought in 2015, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao broke box office records with an insurmountable 4.6m buys.

Reports both could meet again are forever doing the rounds. Those rumors come on the back of previous jibes from both sides in the public domain when they last opened talks.

“When I come and do an exhibition or come out and box and have some fun, I do it because I want to do it, not because I have to do it,” Mayweather said about Pacquiao.

“Whereas Pacquiao, it’s sad that he has to fight at his age. I’m financially set. I want to let everybody know this.”

Manny Pacquiao open to rematch

Speaking to Power and Play, Pacquiao responded: “Why would I try to fight an undefeated fighter if I’m chasing the paycheck?

“We know this is a real fight. I fight because this is my passion. I love beating undefeated fighters and bringing honor to my country.

“I’m not like some other guys in it just for the money.

“Some other fighters [like Floyd Mayweather] challenge non-boxers just to get paid. I want to fight. I want to challenge the best.”

He continued: “I need to have stamina and good conditioning. You have to expect more action in the ring in this fight compared to my last three contests.

“I have to make sure that my stamina is enough, so I don’t fall short in all 12 rounds.”

As he prepared for a doomed Errol Spence WBC and IBF welterweight title challenge, the eight-weight champion added: “If I’m fighting for the money, then I would have picked some scrub to fight.”

Predicting his final fight, “Pac-man” concluded: “It’s hard to say right now.

“It could be [my last professional fight], but there could also be more fights after this. I’m taking it one at a time. We can’t tell the future.”

He did walk away from the sport after losing via unanimous decision to Yordenis Ugas in Las Vegas. But there’s always that lingering feeling, even in their forties, that we haven’t seen the back of Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao.

For now, it’s on the backburner once again.

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