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Manny matters: How Pacquiao inspired Alex Eala when she was growing up

FOR 2022 US Open Girls Singles champ Alex Eala, becoming an inspiration was as big an achievement as the win itself.

“I just want to be someone people can look up to, not just young girls, but anyone, really,” said the 17-year-od in a presscon conducted by Globe on Friday, September 16,

As a young kid, she said, she looked up to the Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

How Manny Pacquiao inspired Alex Eala

“I grew up looking up to Manny Pacquaio, watching his matches,” Eala said.

Pacquiao was among the luminaries and sports legends who aired their congratulations to Eala after her win on September 11 (Philippine time).

Now, she’ll likely become even more of an inspiration herself, as she just benchmarked a milestone in the history of Philippine sports after became the first Filipino to win a Singles Grand Slam in tennis.

This alone brought his fellow countrymen to pay more attention on national athletes of other sports that aren’t highly recognized in the PH.

“I wanted to be someone like that, someone who inspires others with their hard word — as a person, really, and not just as an athlete,” she continued.

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