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10 Things About The Undertaker’s Life Outside Of Wrestling Fans Should Know

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE history. Let's go outside the ring with The Deadman and find out more about The Phenom!

Until his retirement, The Undertaker rarely broke kayfabe. He always stayed in his character, and that’s what made him so special. Since retiring from wrestling in 2020, fans have seen a whole new side of Undertaker, which is really different from his on-screen character.

It seems like The Undertaker is really enjoying his life after wrestling. He’s got many hobbies and he’s now also active on social media so fans can learn more about his real life through these platforms. For many decades, people knew nothing about Undertaker’s life outside wrestling and many fans would be surprised to know about some of these things.

10 Likes To Go On Hunting

The Undertaker also really likes to hunt turkeys, it seems. Earlier this year, he went on his first turkey hunt with Tyler Jordan of Realtree Road Trips. In November 2021, he also hunted his first mule with them. Undertaker has many different weapons at home, and he keeps them locked inside a custom safe built. This was given to him as a Father Day’s gift by his wife, Michelle McCool.

Loves Jack Daniels Whisky

Jack Daniels is one of the top-selling whiskies in the world, and The Undertaker is a huge fan of it. Back when the Bone Street Krew was still active backstage in WWE, the members spent a ton of time on the road drinking Jack Daniels and playing dominoes together. Last year, Undertaker received his own barrel from Jack Daniels as a gift.

His Motorcycle Collection

The Undertaker adopted a biker persona in 2000 and became the American Badass. So it’s not surprising that he actually loves motorcycles. He owns several Harley Davidson bikes such as the Hearse Funeral Chopper, Softtail Fatboy, and Breakout.

But the most prized bike in his collection was a custom-made West Coast Chopper made by Jesse James. This bike was really special to Undertaker. Most people don’t know it, but he donated this motorcycle to the winner of a SPUR Raffle sponsored by the Lake Hills Church in 2013. The proceedings from this raffle went to America’s Mighty Warriors and the SPUR Compassion Ministries.

His Podcast Show

Back in April, it was revealed that The Undertaker would soon launch a podcast series like Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. The series will be released on Peacock, and so far, there haven’t been many updates to the production of this show.

But The Godfather has confirmed he’s the second guest on this show and that Undertaker has already recorded several episodes.

Huge MMA Fan

The Undertaker is also a huge MMA fan. WWE also started referring to him as the best pure striker in their history, after he started wearing those MMA gloves.

Undertaker has also appeared in several UFC events, and in 2006, he even considered getting into the Octagon.

His Family

The Undertaker is also a family man outside of wrestling. Most fans know that he’s married to fellow retired wrestler, Michelle McCool.

They have two children together; a daughter named Kaia Faith Calaway and an adopted son named Kolt. Undertaker has three more children from his previous marriages. His oldest child, Gunner Vincent Calaway, was born in 1993.

Huge Metal Fan

The Undertaker has always been passionate about metal music. While speaking to Loudwire in 2020, he listed his all-time favorite metal bands. Rage and Metallica were two of his favorite brands.

When The Undertaker wrestled his final match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, he walked out to Metallica’s Now That We’re Dead.

His Real Estate Business

A lot of wrestlers have side businesses outside wrestling that keep them busy. Some wrestlers even left the wrestling business entirely once their business took off.

The Undertaker was among the top wrestlers of all time, and wrestling made him a ton of money. And in 2007, he decided to invest some of it in a real-estate business with his partner Scott Everhart. One of their projects is called The Calahart, which is just a portmanteau of their last names. That building is located in Loveland, Colorado.

His Acting Career

Though he was never high on acting, The Undertaker did play a role in a movie. The film was called Suburban Commando and Undertaker was a bounty hunter named Hutch in it. Though he only spoke one line and even that was dubbed by a child. The Deadman described this film as a terrible experience and this was before he even joined WWE.

He also made a cameo appearance in the season fourth of Poltergeist: The Legacy as a soul chaser from Hell.

Love For Golfing

The Undertaker’s love for sports extends to golf as well. Now that he’s retired, The Undertaker has time for all his hobbies. But even when he was busy chokeslamming wrestlers, Undertaker made time for golf. Some years ago, he said he was pretty bad at the game but still enjoyed it. Booker T has played several golf matches with The Deadman, describing them as beautiful experiences.

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