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Vince McMahon placed strip club ban on The Undertaker and another WWE legend… but they still went anyway

Kevin Nash recently recalled how he and The Undertaker were once called into Vince McMahon’s office to discuss their behavior outside of WWE.

The Hall of Famers were two of the most popular WWE Superstars in the mid-1990s. Away from the WWE cameras, they enjoyed themselves on the road by frequently visiting strip clubs.

On his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash said McMahon told him and The Undertaker that he wanted them to protect their clean-cut babyface personas:

“I remember one time me and ‘Taker got called into the office. Principal McMahon told me and ‘Taker that he didn’t wanna see us or hear of us being in any strip clubs. He said it wasn’t a good image for Mark [Mark Calaway, The Undertaker’s real name] and I because we were both babyfaces at the time.” [1:59:52-2:00:14]


According to Nash, wrestlers liked to visit strip clubs because fans would not bother them for autographs if they were surrounded by beautiful women.

Kevin Nash and The Undertaker defied Vince McMahon’s orders

Shortly after Vince McMahon’s instruction, the WWE roster was booked to stay in a hotel that had a strip club attached to it.

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Kevin Nash went against McMahon’s orders and decided to visit the club. While he was there, he also bumped into The Undertaker:

“I’m sitting there looking around and, all of a sudden, I look straight across from me in the room, I see this long flicking hair, I see a bandana, I look over and I f**king just see ‘Taker,” Nash said. “We’re not gonna sit with each other, we’re just like, ‘Oh, so you didn’t listen either.’ It was just acknowledged, like, ‘F**k that, right, man?’” [2:01:16-2:01:45]

Nash and The Undertaker both had a good relationship with Vince McMahon behind the scenes. In April, the former WWE Chairman inducted The Deadman into the 2022 Hall of Fame.

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