Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson reveals health condition that sometimes leaves him unable to speak

Mike Tyson revealed his condition on controversial channel Newsmax TV.

Mike Tyson was recently spotted in a wheelchair at an airport in Miami, FL. This prompted concerns for the former heavyweight champion’s health.

In a recent interview with controversial outlet Newsmax Tyson revealed that he was in a wheelchair due to issues with sciatica, a nerve condition that can cause severe pain throughout the back, legs and buttocks.

“When it flairs up, I can’t even talk,” said Tyson (ht yahoo!sports).

“Thank God it’s the only health problem I have. I’m splendid now,” he continued. “Everybody in my house is truly blessed and we’re all very grateful for what we have.”

The 56-year-old Tyson returned to the boxing ring in 2020, for the first time in seventeen years, to face Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout.

Since then Tyson has hinted at further exhibition bouts, possible against former foe Evander Holyfield.

More recently Tyson has been making news for his reaction to a Jake Paul sparring sessions. Famed trainer Freddie Roach said Tyson walked out of that session after thirty minutes, apparently because he was so unimpressed by the influencer turned pro boxer.

Paul has jumped on those claims and charged Tyson with being “scared” to face him.

Paul himself has another aging combat sports legend to worry about. He’s due to box former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva on October 29.

It seems unlikely that Paul vs. Tyson will ever happen. However, as we’ve learned time and time again, anything can happen in combat sports.

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