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Undertaker & Becky Lynch Leaks Hint At WWE’s Weirdest Game Crossover Yet

A recently leaked image suggests that WWE superstars The Undertaker and Becky Lynch could appear as playable skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

Famed WWE superstars the Undertaker and Becky Lynch are being hinted as guest crossover characters in one of the most unlikely of video games: Rainbow Six Siege. These modern-day legends of the squared circle are no strangers to gaming, as they are both regular playable characters in 2K Games’ WWE 2K series – with Becky Lynch herself appearing on the cover of WWE 2K20 alongside fellow champion Roman Reigns. Meanwhile, the Undertaker has had his eye on crossing over into other popular games for quite some time. Hilariously, Undertaker claimed he could beat a Fall Guy in 2020, in the wake of the Fall Guys game’s viral success during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While he didn’t get a chance to fight them in the ring, Undertaker did compete against the Fall Guys as a guest playable character skin earlier this summer alongside noted gaming enthusiast Xavier Woods and three-time WWE Women’s Champion Asuka. This was just one of the many crossovers between WWE and video games over the past few years, as superstars like John Cena, The Rock, and Becky Lynch were featured as guest characters in Brawlhalla back in 2019. More recently, John Cena arrived in Fortnite following his successful starring role in the DC Comics series Peacemaker, complete with his signature “U Can’t C Me” Fortnite emote. Even then fans who tune in to see their favorite WWE superstars compete every week are joining in on the fun by suggesting a few colorful crossovers of their own, such as hardcore legends like Mick Foley and Kane appearing in Mortal Kombat 12 to inflict their own brand of brutal violence upon the famed fighting series’ roster.

While a crossover between WWE and Mortal Kombat might not be happening anytime soon, there have been a few hints that The Undertaker and Becky Lynch could be coming to another game that very few could have predicted: Rainbow Six Siege. As reported by VGC, a data miner by the handle of lungu_r6 recently posted an intriguing image of WWE superstars Undertaker and Becky Lynch crossover skins on Telegram (via Imgur), claiming that they are for Rainbow Six Siege. Both of these wrestlers are sporting their standard ring gear, with the addition of a pistol holstered at their sides. The Undertaker is said to be a skin for Blackbeard, while Becky Lynch will supposedly replace Thorn. There is no word on if or when these WWE crossover skins will be introduced to Rainbow Six Siege, but they could coincide with WWE’s big Survivor Series event in November.

Undertaker & Becky Lynch Could Be Coming To Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has seen plenty of strange crossovers since it first launched way back in 2015, with Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher and Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy appearing as playable Rainbow Six Siege skins from other big gaming franchises. Outside of gaming, Rainbow Six Siege has added three alternate costumes based on Rick And Morty, giving players gear based on Rick and Morty‘s meme-spawning Mr. Meeseeks, Pickle Rick, and Gromflomite.

WWE superstars Undertaker and Becky Lynch could be the next guest player skins in Rainbow Six Siege, but it should be worth noting that nothing official has been confirmed regarding the leaked images of The Deadman and Big Time Becks as Siege characters. It wouldn’t be the first time that Rainbow Six Siege was visited by some truly outside-the-box playable characters from another popular franchise though, nor would it be WWE’s first time lending its most famous competitors to a truly outside-the-box video game.

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