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“He Looks Like He Just Killed Somebody!”- WWE Legend the Undertaker Recalls When He Saved Bruce Prichard From a Group of Thugs on the Road

The Undertaker once saved his friend Bruce Prichard from a group of menace without so much as moving a muscle.

There are many reasons why The Undertaker is the most revered and feared individual in the world of Wrestling. When he made his debut in 1990, his presence had an ominous aura that struck fear in the hearts of his opponents. Many superstars will tell you how frightening it is to step foot in the ring with The Deadman.

Although wrestling is pre-determined, Taker’s in-ring character was larger than life and sent chills down every opponent’s spine.

For three decades, The Undertaker stayed in character maintaining the mysteriousness of his persona. It’s no secret that many of his fans growing up believed the mythical stories about the Undertaker were true. The seven-time World Champion finally broke kayfabe after his career was inching towards its end.

An example of Taker first breaking his character was when he set up his Instagram account. The Demon of Death Valley never had a social media account throughout his heydays in wrestling.

After his retirement, his followers ached to listen to the stories from the horse’s mouth. The Phenom has stories aplenty from his journey in wrestling.

The Undertaker recalls when he saved Bruce Pritchard with his signature eye roll

On the WWE Network series – The Last Ride: Tales From The Deadman, The Undertaker recalled a funny story featuring his travel Bruce Prichard aka Brother Love who was also once his travel companion.

Before touching on the story, lets us all recall one of the most terrifying things the UT does, his signature eye roll. When he first introduced the ‘eye roll’ viewers on TV thought for certain he is what they say he is.

What if we told you that he once used this trick to scare thugs for real? In his series, Bruce Prichard recalled getting lost from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Atlanta while on the road with The Undertaker.

Not sure of how to get to Atlanta, they pulled over to a gas station and asked a guy for help. It’s important to note that The Undertaker was still in the car while Bruce was out asking for directions.

Taker stated,

“We jump in the car wanting to get from Chattanooga to Atlanta. Not knowing our way around too well, we end up in a pretty seedy neighborhood in a pretty sketchy part of town. Oh! you know Bruce, ‘Hey buddy! Think you can give us some directions to the interstate?”

“And the guy comes up, ‘Aww, well, maybe you can help me out,’” Prichard added.

The man demanded money in exchange for helping with the directions and he was not alone. His group immediately surrounded their car.

Taker continued, “Now he can see Bruce, but he can’t see me. I’m thinking, ‘Oh man, this is going to be bad.’ So as he leans down, I give him the ol’ [eye-roll].” 

Prichard added, “The guy backs up, almost falling down. He goes, “Man, what’s wrong with that dude, he looks like he just killed somebody!”

This incident alone proves how powerful The Undertaker’s aura was. Just his eye roll was enough to turn the hunters into the hunted. This explains why The Undertaker was a role model for the young wrestlers backstage and the conscience of the company.

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