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“Turns Out We Have Been Blocked”: WWE Legend, Who Used The Undertaker to Punish Wrestlers, Goes on a Blocking Spree Owing to Potential Account Hack

The Undertaker has always been a scary character for the fans and the wrestlers in the locker room. His appearance in his getup has always oozed an aura similar to The Dracula, so it isn’t a stretch to think that in kayfabe, every superstar feared The Deadman. Also at the beginning of his career, The Phenom was so powerful that he didn’t budge even in a match with Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior.

This was used to perfection in building the character of The Undertaker. He became an enigma in just a few matches and stood out among the horde of monster heels and weird gimmicks of the time.

Teddy Long Namedrops The Undertaker on Throwback Edition of WWE SmackDown

over 1 year ago

But the true value of his character didn’t come until one genius GM of SmackDown pitched an idea. Teddy Long is that person whose fans will forever associate him with SmackDown and Taker.

And now that same man who used The Undertaker as a punishment is blocking many wrestlers from AEW, NWA, and WWE, as well as major personalities in the wrestling world.

WWE legend goes on a Twitter spree and gets The Undertaker trending in the process

The former GM of SmackDown went guns blazing on many wrestlers and wrestling-related people in a very short time. Some of their reactions are below:


The famous podcaster and the former WWE interviewer got blocked from Teddy Long and she didn’t have any words to say.


Even The Rock’s daughter, Simone Johnson, AKA Ava Raine, chimed in with her confusion about the whole situation.


Even AEW’s Dark Order’s second leader, Evil Uno was not spared by Teddy, even though he’s good now.


Teddy didn’t leave out the wrestling companies that foster and cultivate the stars that go on to become wrestling phenomenons.


Well, this might be the first time that Long has taken to sharing his thoughts about wrestlers on Twitter.


Nothing the former NWA Champion could say when the ‘playa’ blocks you on Twitter.


The one making headlines of late is Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, in WWE. The two must have had an unbreakable bond in his formative years.


The D.M.D. has nothing to say about it and she just posted the photo, which made no sense at all.


Well, it seems like he’s pointing out wrestlers specifically, but who’s to say what Long’s true goal is with all this?


While it makes sense if Long blocks the new generation but goes after the old guard as well? This is starting to make less and less logical sense.


Another one of the old guards. But this time, the former Goldust believes that someone has hacked his friend’s Twitter.


One of the most aspiring and brightest of the new generation is one step ahead of being humiliated by someone from the past.

Teddy Long not leaving WWE superstars as well

If it feels like Teddy only circled out non-WWE and former WWE people, you are wrong. Here are some of them as well, among others:


Teddy is not just blocking AEW and Impact! stars, he is after everyone, whether it be WWE or not.


Teddy blocked another WWE superstar, but this one is making his own mark on the main roster.


While the whole wrestling world is being blocked everywhere, even Teddy, like everyone else, loves the Acclaimed.


Teddy Long’s big block didn’t exempt the former 10-man and the chairperson in AEW as well.

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