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Tyson Fury: Fight with Anthony Joshua is off

According to Fury, Joshua had failed to sign the contract for the fight before the 5pm deadline on Monday set by him.

Tyson Fury on Monday said that the potential boxing bout with Anthony Joshua is off after the latter failed to sign the contract for the fight before the 5pm deadline set by Fury.

In his Instagram story, Fury, also known as ‘The Gypsy King,’ said, “Well guys, it’s official, D-day has come and gone.

“It’s gone past 5pm Monday, no contract has been signed. It’s officially over for Joshua, he is now out in the cold with the wolfpack.

“Forget about it, idiot, coward, s***house, bodybuilder.

“Always knew it, always knew he didn’t have the minerals to fight the Gypsy King.

“Regardless of what the f*** you say now, I don’t really care. Good luck with your career and your life, end of, peace out.”

Earlier this month, Joshua had accepted terms for a December 3 fight with Fury, as per his management.

Joshua’s 258 Management and promoter Matchroom Boxing had said they had “accepted all terms presented to us by Fury’s team” but agreed to halt all communication due to the death of Queen Elizabeth.

In August, Joshua had lost to Ukraine’s Oleksander Usyk by split decision in a rematch. Two weeks later, Fury issued a public challenge to Joshua to fight a ‘Battle of Britain’ for the WBC heavyweight boxing belt.

In an Instagram video, Fury said, “Anthony Joshua, I know you’ve just lost a fight to Usyk and you’re bout-less at the moment, and I’d like to give you an opportunity to fight me for the WBC heavyweight championship of the world and the lineal championship in the next few months.

“You’re coming off a 12-round fight, so you’re match fit, you’re ready. I’m giving you a few months’ notice,” added the 34-year-old.

“If you’re interested I’ll send you the date over and we can rumble,” Fury told Joshua in the video.

“A Battle of Britain for the WBC heavyweight championship of the world. Let me know if you’re interested, if not I will select another opponent.”

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