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“He’ll Kill Every F**king One of You” – WWE Legend Recalls the Undertaker Defending Him From Locker Room Bullies

WWE Hall of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts recently shared how The Undertaker once stood up for him against the entire locker room.

The Undertaker is a G.O.A.T, not only for what he did in the ring for decades but also for backstage conduct. Current WWE superstars like Drew McIntyre have openly shared how much did they learn from The Phenom off camera. Taker has been a locker room leader without even being a leader.

Despite being known as a Deadman, the Hall of Famer understood which buttons not to press on-screen. Recently, a decades-old incident was shared by WWE legend Jake Roberts showing the true personality of The Undertaker.

In 1996, Jake The Snake was involved in a rivalry with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. The onscreen storyline was a bit more personal as Lawler mocked Roberts for his real-life issues. During that time, Jake was going through his long-standing substance abuse issues. Jerry Lawler teased him a lot onscreen and in fact, he once poured a bottle of whiskey on Jake. 

Jake Roberts recalls The Undertaker shutting the mouth of the complete WWE locker room

While speaking on the recent episode of his DDP Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts opened up about the troubles he faced back then. He recalled the segment when Lawler poured a bottle of whiskey on him burning his eyes. Although Jake was struggling with his sobriety, Vince was using such storyline angles with him onscreen. The Hall of Famer believes even Jerry Lawler was enjoying that a bit.

Moreover, other superstars used to put odd things like paraphernalia in his suitcase to mock him. But, things changed when The Undertaker got to know about that.

Jake Roberts shared an incident that took place during one of their tours to Europe. He stated that Taker, who used to sleep under the bus in the luggage compartment, heard them saying some rough stuff. He then asked the driver to stop the bus, got up, and bashed the entire locker room. Recalling how he got the support of The Deadman, Jake The Snake stated:

“At some point, we went to Europe and Undertaker heard them getting on me… So he[The Undertaker] had the bus pull over. And he got up and cut a promo in my favor. He told them, ‘You don’t want him to go back to being the guy who he used to be, he’ll kill every f*cking one of you.’”

Even Jerry Lawler was not happy with Vince’s weird storyline angle

Speaking on the same matter, Jake Roberts further added that even Lawler was uncomfortable with the angle. But, he did that because Vince McMahon wanted him to do so. Roberts also admitted that he had held grudges with Lawler for that. However, both veterans sat and talked that out later.

Well, this is neither the first nor the last time a former WWE superstar has revealed such a thing. Many superstars have openly expressed their dissatisfaction with the things Vince McMahon made them do onscreen.

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