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Manny Pacquiao’s Wife Spotted Wearing Nearly $600,000 Worth Rolex During Floyd Mayweather’s $20 Million Fight

Manny Pacquiao, the eight-weight division world champ, never contested in a heavyweight division, but his wife Jinkee Pacquiao is certainly a heavyweight when it comes to her affinity for luxury fashion pieces. Decked in all-brown OOTD, the Filipino boxer’s socialite wife became the center of attraction, when she went out to attend Floyd Mayweather vs Mikaru Asakura’s exhibition along with her husband.

In September, this year, the southpaw legend and his wife went to support his rival’s opponent, Mikaru Asakura, an established mixed martial artist in Japan.

To attend this showdown, the 41-year-old chose a special set of attire. From Hermes to Rolex, she used all luxury brands to dress in a way that her appearance could leave many A-lister Hollywood celebrities in awe.

The most eye-catching piece on her dress code was her watch, the Rolex Rainbow Daytona, that caught the glimpse.

Let’s take a look at the dress code of Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Manny Pacquiao

Starting with the most expensive item, Rolex Rainbow Daytona which cost $591270 in the current market, was perfect to go with her coffee-colored dress. This was not the first time she was spotted wearing this unique timepiece. A glimpse of it could be seen on her Instagram profile.

The Swiss-made item is toned with the most authentic elements, like gold and diamond. Under the lights of the arena in Japan, it was shining like a star.

Per reports, Jinkee made it part of her boutique, when it was selling for four times lower than its current price tag.

Along with this, she spent $35000 on Mini Kelly Sellier 20 in Gold Epsom with a gold hardware bag. This Hermes bag is not common, to be seen on anyone’s shoulder.

For her footwear, she trusted Amina Muaddi’s $1219 slingback pumps on this occasion.

Rebellion hardware pants and Ruya hardware shirt, both in coffee from AJE, an Australian brand cost her $296 and $282, respectively. To give it a right fit, she spent $586 on the Medium Triomphe belt from Celine.

She posted the pictures from the event on her Instagram and wrote, “Thank you RIZIN Fighting Federation for inviting us!”

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