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‘Nearly Death’: Rare Muhammad Ali Photograph After the ‘Most Brutal Fight’ of His Life Goes Viral

The rivalry between heavyweight legends Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier produced the most exciting heavyweight contest of all time. The duo squared off thrice in their career and each time exchanged heavy leather. The aftereffect of their brutal shots had a profound impact on their body, which was seen later when both retired.
Recently, a picture of ‘The Greatest’ from their final fight circulated on the social media platform and captured fans’ attention.
An official account shared it on Facebook and wrote, “Muhammad Ali victorious after winning his fight versus Joe Frazier at the Araneta Coliseum on October 1, 1975.”
In the picture, Ali appeared, pointing his finger up and saying something.
With a record of 1-1 against each other, Ali stepped inside the ring to defend his WBA, WBC, and The Ring heavyweight titles against ‘Smokin Joe in 1975. This was their third and final meeting. As expected, both fighters went toe-to-toe with the bad intentions of hurting badly.
However, after taking a lot of punishment from Ali, Frazier was badly wounded. As a result, after the 14th round, the latter’s corner asked the referee to stop the fight.

How did fans react to the picture of Muhammad Ali?

A fan wrote, “The first fighter to win the world heavyweight championship on three separate occasions.”

“Interesting. Because Ali said, that fight was the most brutal fight in his life. Nearly death. After the fight – go the hospital. Joe too…”, another fan quoted what Ali mentioned during the fight.

Another fan wrote, “Legend of all times, the heavyweight champion.”

Another fan wrote, “That is when they both should’ve walked away.”

“I’ve never ever seen a heavyweight contest as good as this one…”, another fan wrote.

“This when boxing was boxing, I miss those day’s!”, another fan wrote.

“A killer, thriller and a chiller when i get that gorilla in Manila #muhammad Ali”, another fan wrote.

Another fan wrote, “Ali made boxing beautiful, but he paid a price for it. Joe too was ruined because of his fights with Ali.”

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