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Every Kane Vs. Undertaker WWE Match, Ranked Worst To Best

Kane and The Undertaker have battled several times throughout their WWE careers. While some of their encounters were thrillers, others weren't.

The rivalry between Kane and The Undertaker is arguably the greatest story told in WWE history. The storytelling was fantastic and fans were intrigued to see the two heavyweights go at it. Paul Bearer was another critical component in their rivalry as he was Kane’s father and managed both wrestlers throughout their careers. Nevertheless, Kane and Undertaker move exceptionally well for men of their stature, and they have collided in a plethora of gimmick matches, and World Championship matches.

Their matches were generally good affairs, but sometimes they battled quite a lot especially in 1998 with their matches became boring for fans to watch. Nonetheless, Kane and Undertaker were a formidable duo when they were on the same side of the ring but they were also fantastic rivals.

14/14Raw (10/19/98)

The Undertaker turned heel for the first time in six years, and he reunited with Paul Bearer at Judgment Day: In Your House. 24 hours later, Undertaker and Kane slugged it out in a casket match.

The casket was virtually a prop in this bout as Undertaker and Kane spent the majority of their time brawling with one another. They destroyed the casket, and there was no definitive winner with the match being thrown out as a no-contest.

13/14Judgment Day: In Your House, 1998

The Undertaker and Kane competed for the vacant WWE Championship at Judgment Day: In Your House. Steve Austin was the special guest referee, and there was a caveat as he would be fired if he failed to crown Undertaker or Kane as the new WWE Champion.

Unfortunately, this was a dreadful match between the pair as it was slow and methodical. Paul Bearer interfered and he looked set to hit Undertaker with a steel chair but he hit Kane instead. This signaled the end of their alliance with Undertaker and Bearer back on the same page. Austin refused to crown Undertaker as the new WWE Champion and Austin counted both men’s shoulders down after he attacked Undertaker.

12/14SummerSlam 2000

SummerSlam 2000 was a brilliant SummerSlam but The Undertaker and Kane’s clash was poor for their standards. This was the first time that they had wrestled each other with Undertaker as the American Badass.

The theme of the match was Undertaker trying to unmask Kane on several occasions. Unfortunately, their match was forgettable, and Undertaker successfully unmasked his brother with Kane retreating to the locker room to hide his disfigured face.

11/14Raw (11/27/00)

Kane attacked The Undertaker backstage before their match began to gain a slight advantage. Their match was hard-hitting but Undertaker managed to wear down his younger brother with some right and left hands. Undertaker took Kane down with a thunderous clothesline, but their action spilled to the outside of the ring.

The Big Red Machine got the upper hand but Undertaker recovered, and he attempted to finish off Kane with the Last Ride. However, Edge and Christian intervened by attacking Kane alongside Kurt Angle.

10/14Bragging Rights 2010

The final match in Kane and Undertaker’s storied rivalry came at Bragging Rights 2010. The Devil’s Favorite Demon defended the World Heavyweight Championship in a Buried Alive match, and Undertaker was carrying an injury that hampered the quality of their match.

Their match went back and forth, and they moved towards the gravesite. Undertaker incapacitated Kane with Hell’s Gate but the Nexus interfered, and they aided Kane in registering a third successive win over the Phenom to remain as World Heavyweight Champion.

9/14Hell In A Cell 2010

The Undertaker was seeking to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell for the second consecutive year when he challenged Kane for the gold. Paul Bearer was in Undertaker’s corner, and this Hell in a Cell match was average.

Kane and Undertaker have had better matches but the action was slow and methodical. However, Bearer betrayed Undertaker when he shined a light from the urn in his face. That allowed Kane to chokeslam Undertaker, and he retained the World Heavyweight Championship with Kane and Bearer once again on the same side.

8/14Survivor Series 1998

The Undertaker and Kane clashed in the quarterfinals of the Deadly Game tournament at Survivor Series 1998, where a new WWE Champion was crowned at the end of the night. Their match went back and forth with the pair of former WWE Champions desperate to advance to the next round.

Kane was in the ascendency and he was close to finishing off Undertaker with a chokeslam. However, Paul Bearer stood on the apron and Kane attempted to hit him but he missed. Undertaker recovered and he Tombstoned Kane with Bearer holding Kane’s foot down allowing Undertaker to book his spot in the semifinals.

7/14Raw (2/22/99)

The Undertaker and Kane collided in the second Inferno match, and it was the first one on Raw. Mr. McMahon was at the commentary table. Kane attempted to get the first strike in but Undertaker countered it and he clocked Kane with some right hands.

Kane began to take control of the match and he launched Undertaker over the top rope. The Big Red Machine tried to nail Undertaker with a big boot, but Undertaker grabbed Kane’s foot and he set it on fire to earn another win over his brother.

6/14Raw (6/1/98)

The winner of the match between Kane and The Undertaker would face Steve Austin for the WWE Championship at King of the Ring 1998. This was a typical start to their matches with Kane trying to get the first attack in but Undertaker dodged it and he unloaded with some right hands to Kane.

Undertaker attacked Paul Bearer on the outside, and Austin was at the commentary desk. Undertaker connected with a Tombstone but the referee was knocked down. Moreover, Mankind returned and he cinched in the Mandible Claw on Undertaker. Undertaker fended him off but Mankind was a distraction once again, which allowed Kane to Tombstone Undertaker, and he secured his first victory over his brother.

5/14SmackDown (4/4/08)

Both Kane and The Undertaker clinched championships at WrestleMania 24, and they faced off on the first SmackDown after WrestleMania 24. This was their first one-on-one match in four years and both competitors were babyfaces.

The early stages were slow paced but fans started to get heavily invested in the match. Both men tried to chokeslam the other but it was a stalemate. With both men on the ground, La Familia interfered which brought the match to a halt.

4/14WrestleMania 20

Six years after their first WrestleMania meeting, Undertaker and Kane were adversaries once again at WrestleMania 20 in Madison Square Garden. The Deadman returned with Paul Bearer back in his corner. It wasn’t the best of matches but it was a watchable contest.

Kane chokeslammed Undertaker but he opted not to pin him. The Phenom regrouped and chokeslammed Kane. Undertaker finished him off with a Tombstone to go 12-0 at WrestleMania.

3/14Night Of Champions 2010

Kane’s World Heavyweight Championship was up for grabs in a No Holds Barred match against The Undertaker at Night of Champions 2010. This was a hard-hitting match and with both men in the late stages of their careers, this No Holds Barred match was good to watch.

Undertaker was the slight favorite to prevail and he was in the ascendency. He executed the chokeslam and he was looking to seal the deal with a Tombstone. However, Kane reversed it with a Tombstone of his own and he retained the World Heavyweight Championship.

2/14WrestleMania 14

The Undertaker and Kane clashed for the first time at WrestleMania 14, and the Phenom had a grand entrance when he made his way down the aisle. This match lived up to the expectations, and it was an outstanding wrestling match.

Kane looked strong here, and he executed a Tombstone of his own on Undertaker. However, it took three Tombstone Piledrivers from Undertaker to keep his unbeaten record at WrestleMania intact.

1/14Unforgiven: In Your House, 1998

Arguably, Undertaker and Kane’s Inferno match at Unforgiven: In Your House was their best match against each other. They were limited in what they could do in the ring because of the flames, but they made the match work.

Vader interfered and Kane fought him on the outside. Undertaker leaped over the top rope taking both men down. This was a physical match, and the Deadman registered another victory over his brother after he set his arm on fire.

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