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“Job Done Well” – the Undertaker Lauds Matt Hardy for Completing Three Decades in Pro Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker recently congratulated AEW Superstar Matt Hardy for completing 30 years in the business.

Wrestling is a risky sport as you can get injured even if it’s not your fault in the ring. Many superstars in history have retired too soon due to injuries. Only a few names could make it through and have a prolonged career in the ring. One of them is current AEW superstar Matt Hardy, who recently completed his 30 successful years in wrestling. The Icon is being showered with love and praise from all corners including WWE legend The Undertaker.

During the latest edition of Matt Hardy’s podcast, the AEW celebrated his three decades in the pro wrestling industry. The show also features messages from WWE legends congratulating Hardy for achieving such a big milestone.

The Undertaker acknowledges Matt Hardy with a heartfelt message

During the show, a video package was played where The Undertaker could be seen hailing Matt Hardy for completing three decades of wrestling in the ring. The Hall of Famer recalled the time when Matt and Jeff entered the business as teenagers.

Moreover, The Phenom applauded the AEW star for making it through all these years and called it “a really huge accomplishment.” Taker appreciated the fact that Matt Hardy has kept himself relevant even after 30 years. He stated:

“I remember when you [Matt Hardy] and your brother [Jeff Hardy] first came in back in the day, a couple of teenagers. And now here you are… 30 years in any business is an accomplishment but to stay relevant in the industry is a really huge accomplishment… And I just want to reach out and say congratulations. Job well done. You’re a long way from being done”

Just like Matt Hardy, The Undertaker has also had a wrestling career that went over 30 years. Also, he shared the locker room with Hardy for a fair amount of time during WWE.

The Phenom has witnessed the rise of Matt Hardy from a jobber to one of the most loved superstars of all time. So, seeing his former fellow go past 30 illustrated years, The Deadman expressed how happy he is.

The AEW superstar also appreciated the kind words coming from the WWE Hall of Famer

Reacting to the praise from The Undertaker, Matt Hardy took to his Twitter account and thanked the legend. Matt stated that he has always respected Taker and cherished the time he spent with him in WWE. He took the opportunity to thank him again for teaching him so much during that time.

Anyway, while Matt Hardy has successfully entered his 31st year in wrestling, The Undertaker retired in 2020. Just like The Phenom believes, Hardy is still a long way from being done with a squared circle. And fans would want “Big Money Matt” to spend at least 3-5 more years in the ring.

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