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“I Didn’t Care for Shawn” – The Undertaker Once Admitted He Used to Hate Shawn Michaels

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker once shared how his relationship with Shawn Michaels got better over the years.

During the late 90s, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were the two top names in WWE. Both legends have delivered many historic matches together back in time, and share a good bond outside the ring. However, their relationship wasn’t as good as it is now.

Despite sharing the same locker room for decades, their friendship took its due time to grow. In fact, at first, The Deadman hated Michaels.

In 2020, The Phenom appeared on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions where he opened up about his legendary WWE career. He candidly spoke about a lot of controversial topics and gave his honest views on them. The Hall of Famer also shed light on his current relationship status with The Heart Break Kid.

The Undertaker confessed he didn’t like Shawn Michaels at first

While speaking on the show, The Phenom stated that at first, he hated and didn’t care much about HBK. But now, he loves him and in fact, considers him a great friend. The Hall of Famer mentioned the drug and alcohol addiction Michaels suffered during the 90s.

However, The Undertaker noted that once Shawn Michaels got clean and got his life together, he was totally a different person. Now, Michaels is Taker’s favorite person to talk to and work with.

The Phenom applauded his old in-ring rival for his ability to wrestle anyone and deliver an outstanding match. He asserted that even if Michaels fights a broomstick, he will deliver a 5-star match. He said:

“Early on, I didn’t care for Shawn [Michaels]. I didn’t care for him one bit. Now, I love him, I consider him a great friend. Once he was saved and got his life together, he is a completely different person, one of my favorite people in the world to talk, to work with. Shawn can have, he can have a five-star match with a broomstick…”

Well, The Phenom may not have been a fan of Shawn Michaels early on, but things changed with time. In fact, in the end, it was Taker who became HBK’s last opponent in WWE. 

Both veterans were part of the WWE’s first-ever Hell In A Cell Match

Many WWE fans still remember the two classic WrestleMania matches The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels delivered in the last decade. At first, they wrestled in 2009, and then the next year which was also Michaels’ last WWE match. Both encounters are considered two of the best matches in WrestleMania history.

However, the two legends were also a part of WWE’s first-ever Hell in a Cell match. The dangerous steel structure was first introduced at the 1997 Bad Blood Pay-per-view and Michaels and Taker were the first superstars to wrestle inside that structure.

It was the same match when the WWE universe saw the first glimpse of The Undertaker’s brother, Kane.

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