Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua: ‘There will not be a fight between me and AJ ever! No Joshua, no more time-wasting,’ says Fury

Tyson Fury rules out fighting Anthony Joshua at any point in the future as Derek Chisora steps in for December 3 bout; Fury eyes Oleksandr Usyk undisputed showdown in early 2023 and banishes thoughts of retirement

Tyson Fury has ruled out fighting Anthony Joshua at any point in the future.

Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, and Joshua were in negotiations for a potential clash on December 3. Those talks collapsed and Derek Chisora has stepped in to box Fury instead at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

Fury insisted that Joshua has now lost his chance to take him on in that mooted all-British super-fight.

Derek Chisora says he’s a better fighter and more motivated than the two previous times he shared a ring with Tyson Fury

“He doesn’t have any belts. He doesn’t have anything that I need and there will not be a fight between me and him ever. Full stop,” Fury said. “There’s too much messing. I’m not going over it again. They’re too hard to deal with.”

The talks between the rival camps for this fight ultimately failed. Fury insisted that the blame didn’t lie with him.

“The fight didn’t happen. The reason I believe is they never wanted it to happen and they never had any intention of it happening,” Fury claimed.

“The first week [of negotiations] I believe he was interested in the fight then he realised the daunting task and he got talked out of it by his people and himself. If that wasn’t the reason, he would be here now fighting instead of Derek. But he’s not and that is that.”

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn has previously said that they were open to discussion but could not sign the contract in time for Fury’s proposed deadlines.

For Joshua, Fury maintained, “There are no more fights that can outweigh Tyson Fury. There isn’t any. There isn’t more money to be had fighting Deontay Wilder or Usyk for a third time. The only money fight for him right now is to fight me, but that bird has flown.

“No Joshua, no more, no more wasting time,” he continued. “The way he is, he’s in a comfortable position and he’s worked hard for it. I’m not going to discredit his performances or discredit his achievements. What I can discredit is his lack of commitment to the British public.

Frank Warren has defended Derek Chisora as an opponent for Tyson Fury and says all the better ranked fighters were not available

“I’m going to say what I said to Eddie Hearn in Arlington, Texas. The difference between me and your man is that your man is a businessman and I’m a Spartan.”

Fury expects to meet Oleksandr Usyk in an undisputed championship showdown in the first quarter of 2023. He had a warning for the unified WBO, WBA and IBF titlist. “I do not rate Usyk. People keep going on to me about Usyk, why couldn’t Usyk do anything with Chisora?” the Briton said.

“I’m going to splatter him. How’s he going to do anything with me? He’s not.”

Fury intends to box three times next year and that could include two bouts with the Ukrainian star and maybe a contest with Joe Joyce or even a fourth fight with Deontay Wilder.

Tyson Fury says if Derek Chisora connects with a ‘big swing’ he could be in real trouble

“Whoever I can get, I guarantee I’m having three fights next year, starting in February [with Usyk] and if he wants a rematch he can have rematch, then someone at the back end of the year. Wilder, if he’s mandatory, Joe Joyce if he’s available, if he bumps himself up a bit. Daniel Dubois, there’s plenty of British beef to go after,” Fury suggested.

Fury had seriously contemplated retiring after he beat Dillian Whyte earlier this year at Wembley Stadium. But he found himself unable to leave the sport.

“I actually did retire and I really meant it. I know people won’t believe me but I could have put my hand on the Bible and passed a lie detector test. When I said I was retired I really meant it,” Fury revealed.

“However I don’t think I can live a normal life. I think I need medical help to be able to do that. If there’s somebody out there who probably could help me, I’d love for them to get in touch. Because I won’t be able to leave this game and live a normal life, unless I’m brain trained to do that. Because a normal life is out of order for me, don’t work.

“Ask me what goals I’ve got? None. Where do you want to be in five years? Nowhere. I’ve no goals.

“Keep going and keep fighting. That’s it.”

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