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Why The Undertaker Vs Goldberg Match Is One Of The Biggest Disasters In WWE History

When The Undertaker met Goldberg in 2019, it was a dream match come true, but their advanced age and inactivity led to one of the worst matches ever.

WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows have often been at the brunt of criticism – for more than one reason too, with the moral implications of running shows there being a whole issue in itself. Even from a quality standpoint though, these events have offered up some of the very worst PPVs in wrestling history. In 2019, WWE produced the Super ShowDown event, which was headlined with a dream match between two legends of the business who had never had a singles match before. WCW icon and former multi-time World Champion Goldberg took on living legend and former multi-time champion in his own right, The Undertaker. However, the end product was an absolute disaster.

The Undertaker Vs Goldberg Was A Dream Match

By the time 2019 rolled around, fans were very much aware that both The Undertaker and Goldberg were far from the top of their game from an in-ring standpoint. Goldberg hadn’t competed in two years, not since his feud with Brock Lesnar, so his condition was a little more unknown to fans, though his age wasn’t slowing down, so expectations were fairly low. In the case of The Undertaker, he hadn’t wrestled since his atrocity of a match in which he teamed up with Kane to take on Triple H and a returning Shawn Michaels at the previous Saudi Arabia show, in what was up there with the most absurdly bad main events in WWE history.

The Undertaker Vs Goldberg Cropped

Even with the lack of faith in their conditioning, The Undertaker and Goldberg are two huge names with legacies that will last forever. It was also a match which fit the billing for a Saudi Arabia event, as those shows are given more money to pay top level names and part-timers. If the match was kept short, much like Goldberg’s previous matches in his initial comeback run, then it could have been an effective match that didn’t outstay its welcome. Unfortunately though, things didn’t quite work out that way.

The Match Between Undertaker And Goldberg Got Off To An Okay Start

The pair made their entrances and faced off in the ring, with the crowd understandably hot seeing these two mega names stand toe-to-toe in a singles match for the first time ever. Goldberg would initially hit two spears, starting the match off at an electric pace. After a near-fall, Undertaker sat up and stared down Goldberg. It seemed very much as though this was simply going to be a greatest hits compilation, but that quickly went south.

Undertaker v Goldberg Super ShowDown 2019 Cropped

Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Goldberg countered with a take down, wrenching on the leg with a submission hold. This was quite a surprise, as Goldberg wasn’t really known for his technical ability, though it must be noted that he did use this move in WCW, even busting it out in his very first match in the company. The move wasn’t executed very well here though. Goldberg went for another spear, but disaster struck. Undertaker dodged, with Goldberg throwing himself at the ring post, receiving a legitimate concussion. From there, the match fell apart.

Undertaker And Goldberg Could Have Suffered Permanent Injuries From This Botch-Filled Disaster

Goldberg was clearly groggy as Undertaker delivered some offense, along with one of the worst executed chokeslams ever – challenging his terrible one against Hulk Hogan in 2002. Undertaker then hit a scary tombstone, in which Goldberg’s head collided with the mat, which could have caused very serious neck damage. Goldberg would eventually get the advantage, and proceeded to hit a terrifyingly bad Jackhammer, in which Undertaker landed right on his head and neck.

The match was genuinely scary to watch by this point, especially when the two fell awkwardly as Goldberg attempted a Tombstone of his own. Thankfully, the match was wrapped up not long after as Undertaker hit another chokeslam and won the match. After the bell, Undertaker was visibly upset at the match. It was quite simply awful, being among the most unsafe and potentially damaging matches in WWE history, with the two genuinely being in danger at some points.

Goldberg Concussion vs The Undertaker

Both Undertaker and Goldberg weren’t happy with this, with eyewitness on the journey back, per Sportskeeda, stating that Goldberg was unhappy the entire way home. Both men would have “redemption” matches that year, with Undertaker competing at Extreme Rules and Goldberg at SummerSlam, but the memory of this bout is hard to erase, especially with the fear that viewers were feeling whilst watching it, and the very real apprehension at watching the two execute their signature moves on one another due to several botches throughout. Thankfully, the two didn’t work with other part-timers again, instead competing alongside full-time wrestlers who were much safer and offered better protection.

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