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Former WWE Superstar details life-changing advice The Undertaker gave him

The Undertaker is respected by all as he is one of the most experienced and legendary stars in WWE history. Renee Dupree recently reflected upon a piece of advice he received from ‘Taker in his early career.

Dupree was signed to WWE between 2002 and 2007 when The Deadman was a locker room leader in the company. During his tenure, the 38-year-old captured the Tag Team Championship on two occasions with different partners.

Speaking on his Cafe de Rene show, Dupree recalled The Phenom’s advice about being ‘selfish for the right reasons’ and how he understood it at a later stage in his life.

“He once sat with me, I was 20. He said ‘Rene, in this business you gotta be selfish for the right reasons’. I thought for years that I might know what he was talking about, and I never forgot that. After a few years I thought I knew, now I understand what he was talking about and I’m lucky that I can be in a position where I can take that advice and apply it. So now where I’m at I gotta be selfish for the right reasons, meaning you are your own business, Rene Dupree is my business, so I gotta be selfish for me.” (From 0:28 to 1:23)


The Phenom is credited with helping many fellow wrestlers, including Jeff Hardy and Baron Corbin.

Former WWE Champion on wrestling The Undertaker

In his 30-year WWE career, ‘Taker faced iconic stars from many generations, like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, John Cena, and Roman Reigns.

One performer with great respect for The Undertaker is Mick Foley. On his Foley is Pod show, the Hardcore legend noted that The Phenom is his favorite WWE opponent.

“The truth is, like I said, without The Undertaker coming out of the gate, my story kind of ends unceremoniously as a guy that goes in and gets pushed down the card and is largely forgotten. The Undertaker, by virtue of that, meant so much to my career, and also, by virtue of the fact that the matches were really enjoyable is probably my all-time favorite opponent.” (H/T EWrestling News)

Foley Is Pod
“I’ll never forget the shock I felt when that bolt of lightning came down from the scoreboard.”

Perhaps a little campy, but this moment has stood the test of time in the memories of fans.

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Foley and ‘Taker went to war on many occasions over the years, including their classic Hell in a Cell bout at King of the Ring 1998. During the contest, The Phenom threw his opponent off the top of the cell, a visual still part of the WWE iconography today.

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