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Manny Pacquiao back to professional boxing? A preparation as if the boxer would have to face Mike Tyson

Filipino fighter to have an exhibition event where he will face DK Yoo

Manny Pacquiao wants to wait until the last moment and decide whether or not to return to professional boxing, which will depend on his exhibition fight against DK Yoo, but he is taking that contest so seriously that it looks like it is Mike Tyson who will be in the opposite corner.

Who made this revelation was one of the Filipino fighter’s collaborators, Sean Gibbons. For the boxer’s representative, the possibility that Manny could return to professional boxing is not ruled out, since this test will be the perfect exam to see if his quality is still intact after more than a year without fighting

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Pacquiao hints at return to boxing

“All Pacquiao said is that he wants to see what happens on December 10 (when he faces DK Yoo), He wants to test himself to see how he feels, because he’s training like he’s going to fight Mike Tyson, not overtraining just for an exhibition.”

Manny Pacquiao believes he still has a lot to give

The champion in 8 different divisions, last fought in August 2021 when he lost to Yordenis Ugas in 12 rounds in WBA super welterweight title fight.

“Manny is a little bit like Floyd (Mayweather). He still feels he has a lot to give, he still wants to fight and do things, but I think these exhibitions are wonderful for fighters like Floyd, and like Manny. Me, as a fan, I want to see Manny, I want to be around Manny. I miss the days of going to Griffith Park and being with 200 people, with 100 people in the house, 80 in the gym,” he added.

Pacman Pacquiao‘s exhibition fight is scheduled for December 10 in Seoul and the money he earns will be used to raise funds to help rebuild houses in South Korea, and the six-round, two-minute fight will also be a chance for the former world champion to test himself against other stars

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