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Anthony Joshua tells rival Tyson Fury he should “conduct himself better”

Heavyweight champion Fury was criticised for his behaviour in a recent interview with True Geordie and Joshua thinks his rival should be mindful of his behaviour

Anthony Joshua believes Tyson Fury should conduct himself better after the world champion argued with YouTuber True Geordie.

Heavyweight champion Fury, 34, was questioned by True Geordie – real name Brian Davis – for his decision to face Derek Chisora in his comeback fight given he has already beaten him twice. Fury snapped at the criticism and labelled Davis a little t***pot, insisting he wouldn’t do any more interviews with him whilst struggling to end the Zoom call.

‘The Gypsy King’ looked set to face bitter rival Joshua on December 3, but talks between the two parties broke down when ‘AJ’ missed Fury’s self-imposed deadline to sign the contract. Joshua admitted that fighters can be “a bit free spirited” and get tired of the same questions, but thinks Fury should have handled himself better in the interview with Davis.

“Listen, there’s one thing being the champion of the ring and there’s another being the champion of the people outside of the ring,” he told SPORTbible. “I know it’s tough with fighters, we’re not part of an institute so we’re a bit free spirited but I just think there’s a way that we need to conduct ourselves. Regardless if the interviewer is prodding us.

“We need to conduct ourselves in better fashion because there’s youngsters that are watching us. I’m not the judge who can say what’s right or wrong, we just have to try and conduct ourselves in better fashion when we can, when we’re in front of the camera. When we can, just try. Try, try, try, that’s for the up and coming fighters.”

Tyson Fury has been told to conduct himself better by Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury has been told to conduct himself better by Anthony Joshua 


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Joshua was expected to fight again before the end of the year, but Matchroom Boxing boss Eddie Hearn has revealed the former two-time champion won’t be stepping in the ring again until February or March. Joshua hasn’t been the most active heavyweight over the past few years and Hearn thinks the Brit has lost faith in boxing since missing out on a fight with Fury.

“He just sort of lost faith a little bit with boxing because he really wanted to fight Tyson Fury,” Hearn told Boxing Social. “That’s the main reason that he didn’t fight this year. He was just p***ed off. You know, he [Fury] got his bluff called really, we feel. What are these people doing? They say they want to fight me, now I’ve got a deadline, Chisora gets another month to do the deal, and I had to sign it then. So, that’s why you’re going to see him [AJ] fight maybe the end of February, but probably March.”

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