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WWE: Best Hall of Fame best speech ever? Undertaker’s words for Triple H

The Undertaker, for me, is the greatest Superstar in the history of the WWE, it’s no surprise to see him in the majority of fans’ wrestling Mount Rushmore or those of his fellow professionals.

Earlier this year, The Deadman took his place in the WWE Hall of Fame which was long overdue, with ‘Taker donning an all-black suit, what else would we expect from him?

The career he’s had, dominating the biggest show the company has to offer, WrestleMania, whilst having what is the best character in the business’ history is a phenomenal achievement. His persona in the ring was iconic, but his behind the scenes character with his colleagues was exemplary by all accounts, you never hear a bad word about The Undertaker, and there’s a reason for that.

The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame speech

When it comes to someone like The Undertaker, the list of people he’d have to thank for the help he received over such a long and successful career will have been endless. He’s had a plethora of iconic matches with almost every competitor.

His back catalogue of iconic matches will probably be one of the biggest in the history of professional wrestling, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t suffer from struggles just like everyone else in the company.

So much so it took some inspiration from Triple H to give him a much needed boost, something he wasn’t afraid to mention during his speech.

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What did The Undertaker say about Triple H?

Thanking Triple H, The Undertaker commented: “I want to thank you Triple H, for helping me at a moment when my confidence was low. Your words that day got me through that match and through the rest of my career.”

Incredibly touching words from one icon to another, two greats of the ring have so much respect for one another and will owe large parts of their successes to each other as well. It’s no surprise to see the speech forced the now Head of Creative to tear up at what was said about him from someone he holds in such high regard.

The pair have always enjoyed a close relationship, with both The Game and The Phenom two of the most well-known Superstars to ever grace the WWE.

Video: The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame speech

What did Triple H say about The Undertaker?

Triple H himself in the past has spoken openly about ‘Taker, saying: “We have a close relationship that I think was built on mutual respect for each other, but also, I think we have a lot in common from a human being standpoint, the way we look at things, the way we approach things.”

“There is nobody bigger, more respected in the business. When I first started to see he had doubts and the fears and all those things it was mind-boggling to me. I was like, how can he doubt himself?”

The Undertaker made his WWE debut in 1990

What year did The Undertaker debut in WWE?

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