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Even WWE’s The Undertaker has love for The Bloodline’s breakout star

If there’s one thing Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker, knows about more than seemingly anyone else, it’s how to be a WWE Superstar. In his prime and even for a good while after it, very few things in professional wrestling got a bigger pop than the opening bell tolls of “Rest In Peace,” as it signified that Taker was coming to town, and his list included one thing and one thing only: pain.

And yet, even a performer as dark, ominous, brooding, and sinister as Calaway respects that all wrestling can’t be dark, ominous, brooding, and sinister, and that, for every Undertaker, there needs to be a Paul Bearer, who began his career as the much less edgy Percy Pringle, who looked like a cross between Brother Love and Jimmy Hart. Talking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Calaway pointed out just how much he likes the work of Sami Zayn and how “The Honorary Uce” has transformed himself into a vital part of The Bloodline.

“Sami’s character is so intriguing in that whole mix,” says Mark Calaway, who became a legendary figure during his three decades performing as The Undertaker. “It is very clear who The Bloodline is and what they stand for, and they go out and do their deal. But adding Sami, that gives so many more layers. Plus, you have that tension between Sami, The Usos, and Roman. It works so well.”

Much like how Paul Heyman detailed in his post-Survivor Series interview with reporters, Calaway notes that the beauty of Zayn’s inclusion into the storyline is not only his boundless personality but also the way he helps the rest of his faction members, namely, how he brings out more emotional depth to the rest of the faction.

“Sami is a vital part of the whole thing, and he’s never been a bigger star,” Calaway says. “But this is also important for The Bloodline. It gives them something new. Roman has been champion for over two years. That means he has to go out and beat everyone he faces, right? That’s tough. But it’s a new dynamic with Sami in there.”

“How can you not enjoy this?” Calaway says. “It’s great storytelling.”

Heyman details how Zayn’s decision at WWE Survivor Series wasn’t anti-Owens.

Speaking of Heyman, during his post-Survivor Series media availability, Zayn was asked if his efforts at Survivor Series had anything to do with his interactions with Owens in 2016; a question “The Wise Man” wasn’t particularly fond of.

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