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WWE: Footage of The Undertaker apologising to Roman Reigns backstage after 2017 match

The Undertaker apologising to Roman Reigns backstage at WWE WrestleMania 34 is just sad to see.

At WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker was beaten by Roman Reigns in what many people thought would be his final match, at least immediately coming out of the show.

WWE fans were worried about The Undertaker following his infamous performance, and ‘The Deadman’ seemingly felt the same way.

What happened backstage at WrestleMania 34 with The Undertaker?

As noted, The Undertaker wasn’t happy with the final stretch of his career in WWE, and in particular, his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

In fact, ‘Taker was so beat up about it that he went up to Roman and apologised to him one year afterwards at WrestleMania 34, moments after beating John Cena.

Footage of the interaction was part of The Last Ride documentary that aired in 2020, recapping the final few years of The Undertaker in WWE before his retirement.

The interaction, which you can see below, shows The Undertaker apologising to Roman backstage at WrestleMania for his performance the year prior, and considering he’s a WWE icon, it’s just sad to see.

Video: The Undertaker apologises to Roman Reigns for infamous WrestleMania match

The footage would be sad if anyone was involved, but the fact that The Undertaker had to admit to Roman that he didn’t have what it took anymore is truly heartbreaking.

Thankfully, ‘Taker enjoyed a far more successful final run to his WWE, with nothing really getting as bad for him as it was at WrestleMania 33.

The Undertaker called time on his legendary career just three years later after WrestleMania 36, where he beat AJ Styles in the first Boneyard Match.

The Undertaker is one of the biggest stars in WWE history

Latest news on Roman Reigns

After beating The Undertaker in 2017, Roman solidified himself as the top star in all of WWE.

It did take until 2020 though for fans to accept Reigns as the face of the company, with his time away from March to August and heel turn upon his return being the turning point for him.

Since coming back in August 2020, Reigns has been Universal Champion for all but one week of that time, adding the WWE Championship to his collection earlier this year in August.

With a match with The Rock, his real-life cousin, on the horizon for April 2023 at WrestleMania 39, Roman really is going to be remaining at the top of the card for the foreseeable future.

Roman Reigns

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