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Did Undertaker ever break character? Kurt Angle almost had him during WWE Attitude Era

The Undertaker surely must go down as the greatest character in the history of the WWE, and for many, the greatest wrestler ever created, it would take a brave person to argue against the credentials of The Phenom.

He struck fear into everyone and anyone, with barely having to do anything such was the perfect design of his character. His slow walk to the ring in the dark, the all black costume and the minimalistic talking, there’s no one quite like ‘Taker.

However, during his American Badass days in the Attitude Era, he had a slightly different look, donning a bandana and sunglasses, not being afraid to open his mouth and converse with his fellow Superstars.

Did The Undertaker ever break character?

The Deadman was known for how much pride he took in his character, doing everything possible to maintain his character, even outside of the ring, meaning we never really saw him break character, bar the odd moment here or there, such as kissing his wife, Michelle McCool after WrestleMania, but nothing to serious.

Unless it was a deeply personal moment/landmark in his own career, or someone else’s, that gimmick of The Undertaker was left unbroken, it was The Phenom himself who decided when to let the mask drop.

One other time you saw him break character was in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in 2010 when he ran to the ring for a few paces before a faster walk instead of his usual, snail like march to the ring after a pyro went wrong and set him on fire. He hastily threw his coat off before seeing him prowling like a tiger in his chamber and pouring water on himself to suppress the pain from the burns. To keep his character almost perfect in such conditions is immense commitment.

The Undertaker during his time with WWE

Kurt Angle almost makes The Undertaker break character

In a backstage segment during the Attitude Era, The Undertaker, aka American Badass is waiting outside Kurt Angle’s dressing room, knocking on the door for him, announcing: “Angle c’mon man, let’s go.”

The Olympic gold medallist emerges, sporting his own sunglasses and USA themed bandana to mimic The Undertaker, replying with: “You’re an American badass, I’m an Olympic gold medal… ass, Stone Cold, Booker T together make a horse’s ass, I mean what’s the problem?”

After coughing to clear his throat, ‘Taker retorts: “No problem Kurt, I’ll tell you what, let’s just go to the ring and let’s kick some ass… You are going to take that off right?”

Video: The Undertaker almost breaks character with Kurt Angle

He didn’t quite get The Phenom to break, although we saw him just about hanging on, with Kurt Angle’s copycat costume to ‘Taker’s not going down too well with The American Badass. We’ll never see another Superstar that can come close to The Undertaker, he was truly a once in a lifetime performer.

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