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Former WWE Lead Writer Names Two Crazy Ideas Involving Vince McMahon and The Undertaker

Dave Meltzer wrote in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter the discussions going on within WWE about Roman Reigns vs. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being the main event of WrestleMania 39. While this match has been rumored for well over a year, it still doesn’t appear that anything has been set in stone. Brian Gewirtz, a former WWE Lead Writer who works directly with Johnson at Seven Bucks Production, poked a bit of fun at the latest report by recalling some of the crazy ideas that had been “discussed” within WWE throughout his tenure. Only one of them, the regrettable finish to a cage match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena, ever saw the light of day.

“Things ‘discussed’ in my time at WWE: Vince having (a) midlife crisis, growing bead, wearing Hawaiian shirts and singing Black Eyed Peas songs. Kaval being Undertaker’s secret long lost son. Cena losing to Bray Wyatt via singing possessed child… wait, that one actually happened,” Gewirtz said. Wyatt even posted a response to the Tweet, “Yes. Yes it did.”

The Rock Mentions Reigns WrestleMania Match on Young Rock

The NBC series Young Rock managed to sneak in a reference to the heavily rumored match in Season 2, showing a young Reigns demanding a match with Johnson. Reigns was then asked about that in an interview with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast.

“Dwayne’s dropping it within his own project, so it’s got to be pretty good. It’s got to be pretty special. I think that just goes to show the clamoring, the buzz for it, the chatter for it, the wishful thinking, is something that he definitely played into within ‘Young Rock’, which as you know, with him, everything’s highly strategical. A lot of synergy with everything that he does with the projects that he’s guiding and has in mind. So yeah, I would say just based off that alone, it looks even better than it did last time we spoke,” Reigns said.

Triple H on Rock vs. Reigns at WrestleMania

“I do know this, because I’ve had this conversation with him. At no time when Rock is making a movie in Hollywood, does he stand in a position, pull off his elbow pads, and goosebumps fill his entire body because of the electricity that 100,000 people or whatever it is are giving him in that moment, and he passionately feels that like no one else. There is nothing else on the planet that gives you that rush that WWE gives you when you’re standing in the center of that ring. And I know he knows that. So I know somewhere deep inside of him is that burning thing to go, ‘Oh, I gotta feel that one more time. I’ve got to get in there one more time,'” he said. “Because that clock is ticking on, ‘Can he?’ Because he looks like a million bucks but believe me, you look as good as you are, you hit that canvas, stuff starts falling off that isn’t supposed to fall off you, you know? It’s a tough business, the clock is ticking. So if there is a time, it is becoming now. And I know that there’s a burning desire for him to take advantage of that time. It’s just a matter of, ‘Can he harness all the other things to focus on that long enough for us to get it done?’ It’s up to him. The platform is certainly there. WrestleMania. L.A. Two nights, we’ve already got 90,000-plus I believe, sold… the Tribal Chief is is sitting there waiting for him, or anybody else that he wants to, right? It’s magic. Magic, magic, magic of the highest levels in in the in the city that he has become in some manner king of, right? And to have that experience one more time, I know that’s got to be burning a hole in him. I know that’s got to be a desire. It’s just, what else what other things does he need to put aside, and can he to make this all work? Because he’s juggling a lot. So hopefully the answer is yes, I would love to see nothing more. But we’ll see. So to quote you again, ‘I’m saying there’s a chance.'”

WWE’s Bianca Belair took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal she had been quietly training over the past 10 weeks to compete in the 2022 WBFF Pro Atlantic City Pro-Am bodybuilding competition. The reigning Raw Women’s Champion was able to train for the show on top of defending her title at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and be on the winning team of the Women’s WarGames match at Survivor Series last month.

“For the past 10 weeks I have been training for the @wbffentertainment Pro Atlantic City Pro Am, & this weekend all of that hardwork got to play out on stage!” Belair wrote. I’ll be posting more photos throughout the day with results! -Bikini- Made by ME.”

“This journey has taught me so much about myself & how much I have grown and evolved from that little girl in High School and College who was obsessed with being the best but took it too far and over trained constantly. The little girl who had such an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled with eating disorders that even years later as an adult I couldn’t even hear the word ‘diet’ without being triggered,” she continued. “I wanted to push myself, test myself… see if I could commit without taking it too far, see if I had learned to listen to my body, see if I could diet again and have self control without going off on the deep end. I truly faced my fears with this one. I invested these 10 weeks to relearn myself and it took me on a self discovery journey of self love, commitment, and dedication to myself. It was physically challenging with finding time to train consistently between my WWE schedule of being on the road for live events, TV’s, traveling internationally to Mexico & Saudi Arabia, having historical matches like the Ladder Match, Last Woman Standing Match, & 45 minutes in a War Games match the WEEK BEFORE the competition! It was so hard but I gave it my all… sometimes after my matches and shows I was right there in the gym late at night getting my workouts in and constant travel with meal prep food to stick to my diet… but just as much as it was physically challenging it was more so mental!

0COMMENTSBelair went on to write, “I have evolved. I have matured. I do have self control. I have learned the importance of balance and I do listen to my body now! I have completely fallen in love with who I have become and I will be forever grateful for this journey. Thank you @wbffentertainment for welcoming me with open arms into your world and providing a space where I could also show up unapologetically me and a space I could use to navigate this personal journey! I felt right at home! Fitness + FASHION!!!! I’m in 😍! And thank you to my amazing coach @n8fitness!!!”

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