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WWE Once Discussed Giving The Undertaker A Long Lost Son

He had a fake brother, why not a fake son too?

Any pro wrestling fan worth their salt knows that one of the keys to enjoying the industry is the ability to suspend your disbelief. Sometimes your disbelief requires to be more intensely suspended than usual, such as when WWE attempts to convince you two Superstars you know have absolutely zero familial connection are related. Kurt Angle being Jason Jordan’s dad, for instance.

The Undertaker’s Long Lost Son

Apparently, that storyline was almost applied to The Undertaker long before Angle ever started receiving those mystery texts. All these years later, was it ever explained why Corey Graves was a part of that? Anyway, as revealed by close friend of The Rock and former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, making a wrestler The Undertaker’s long-lost son was once discussed while he was with the company.

Gewirtz revealed the info in response to the news WWE has discussed The Rock winning the Royal Rumble so he can go on to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. “Things ‘discussed’ in my time at WWE: Vince having midlife crisis, growing beard, wearing Hawaiian shirts and singing Black Eyed Peas songs. Kaval being Undertaker’s secret long lost son. Cena losing to Bray Wyatt via singing possessed child… wait, that one actually happened,” Gewirtz tweeted.

Kaval Was The Man For The Job

Yes, there was once serious talk backstage to give The Undertaker an on-screen son, and that son would have been Kaval. If you’re struggling to place Kaval, there’s good reason for that. He was only under contract with WWE for two years more than a decade ago and only wrestled on the main roster for the final three months of that run. Wrestling fans who watch more than just WWE will know Kaval better as Low Ki who has found a lot more success away from the promotion.

Although Gewirtz doesn’t give a timeline, discussions regarding Kaval being The Deadman’s son presumably took place around the end of 2010. Kaval would eventually be released by WWE in December of that year following a short rivalry with Dolph Ziggler over the Intercontinental Title. The Undertaker wound up having no fake children in WWE, just the one fake brother, oh and a fake twin, or whatever it was The Fake Undertaker was supposed to be.

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