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WWE: The Rock and The Undertaker taking out DX was just brilliant Attitude Era stuff

The Attitude Era was the hottest period in WWE history with weekly episodes of Raw and Smackdown being absolutely unmissable.

The roster was absolutely stacked with some of the all-time greats operating at their absolute peak at the same time, which made for consistently brilliant segments and moments, if not matches in all reality. It was just a distinctive style of booking and TV.

The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H were three of such megastars while DX was the most infamous and popular faction. All collided on the May 25th, 2000 episode of Smackdown in a memorable brawl.

The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon was the original match

Setting the scene, The Undertaker had returned four nights prior at Judgement Day to wreak havoc on Triple H, DX and the McMahons during The Game’s 60-minute Iron man match with The Rock. The now-American Badass accidentally cost The Great One his title but the two would find themselves on the same side in the coming weeks and months.

Commissioner Mick Foley set the main event for Smackdown as Shane McMahon vs Taker much to the dismay of Shane O Mac and co. Of course, the match ended in a no contest as Triple H, Vince, Road Dogg and X-Pac stormed the ring and took out The Phenom.

The Undertaker

That’s when The Rock’s music hit to an insane pop from the audience. The Brahma Bull began to lay waste to anyone and everyone and before long, him and Taker had turned the tide. All that was left was for Shane to be tombstoned in the middle of the ring.

Take a look at the clip below (shared on Twitter by @2000s_WWE) to witness the complete bedlam that was the Attitude Era.

VIDEO: The Rock and The Undertaker take out DX

The Rock was just cool personified, while the Badass was off to a hot start

One of the best things about the video is The Rock’s shades not coming off throughout despite running down the ramp and laying the proverbial smackdown on all their candy asses. He really was just that cool.

Taker was also only a week into his American Badass gimmick run, which is a marmite topic amongst wrestling fans. One can’t deny that he got off to an incredibly hot start at Judgement Day and here.

It’s for reasons like this that 2000 is seen as WWE’s best year, which are ranked here.

These sentiments are echoed in some of the replies to the tweet, which you can view below.


What’s next for The Rock and The Undertaker?

The Undertaker rode into the sunset of retirement at WrestleMania 36 in 2000 after an epic Boneyard match with AJ Styles and seems unlikely to ever return to the ring outside of a chokeslam here and there.

On the other hand, The Rock is heavily rumoured to be in line to face Roman Reigns at this year’s WrestleMania in what would be one of the biggest matches of all time.

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