The Undertaker

WWE: The Undertaker’s return at WrestleMania 20 is the stuff of pure legend

The Undertaker is arguably the most legendary and iconic character in the history of both WWE and wrestling as a whole.

Ever since taking on the role upon signing with WWE, the character has been synonymous with the company with a 30-year career and of course his legendary WrestleMania streak.

The presentation of the Undertaker was part of its genius and longevity, with his entrance being similarly mesmerising. This is perhaps no more evident than at WrestleMania 20, when the Deadman returned to his truest from in stunning fashion.

The American Badass character dominated from 2000-2003

Following a lengthy injury absence from late-1999, Taker made a mega return at Judgement Day in May 2000. But it was a different Taker. He rode a motorcycle to the ring to the sound of Limp Bizkit and the likes, he wore a bandana, his hair was its natural ginger. He was humanised.

The Undertaker

The American Badass and later Big Evil versions of The Undertaker are marmite amongst wrestling fans, but both had their high points. Of course, neither could hold a candle to his original “Phenom” character, and fans longed for its return one day.

The entrance was elite from top to bottom

This happened at WrestleMania 20. After being buried alive by his half-brother Kane at Survivor Series (Taker was fighting Vince McMahon when the Big Red Machine appeared), he was off TV dealing with more nagging injury issues.

All the signs and mind games in the lead up to the event suggested The Phenom was coming back, but it wasn’t until he walked the aisle at Madison Square Garden that fans could fully believe he was truly back.

The iconic gong. The music. The druids lined up. Paul Bearer back in tow with the urn. The lightning. The mannerisms. The outfit. It felt like 5-10 years prior and it was all so good.

Credit must be given to Kane who played his role so well throughout. He seems in genuine disbelief that his “dead” brother is back. But can you really kill The Undertaker?

The entrance was shared on Twitter by @WWERuthlessEra and is genuinely great watch.

VIDEO: The Undertaker’s iconic return at WrestleMania 20

The return was hugely successful as the Streak continued to gather momentum

The Undertaker of course improved his WrestleMania record to 12-0 by dispatching Kane for a second time at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Comments left on the thread are similarly glowing in their appraisal of the return and entrance, with WrestleMania 20 as a whole also getting a shout out.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker
The Undertaker

It led to the best work of The Undertaker’s career

The Phenom would go on to have the best run of his career following this, facing off against the likes of Randy Orton, Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels and Triple H at WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 20 can be viewed as the rebirth of both the most famous iteration of his character and of his in-ring career in a sense. Truly iconic.

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