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Muhammad Ali’s grandson is absolute spitting image of boxing legend

Muhammad Ali's fans went wild after a photo of his grandson was shared on social media that showed him looking like the boxing icon's doppelganger

Boxing fans have been sent wild at the uncanny likeness Muhammad Ali’s own grandson has to the the sporting icon.

Ali is one of the all-time legends in sport but his grandson, Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr is more than just his doppelganger. A photo of the teenager alongside his 44-year-old mum Laila – Ali’s daughter – surfaced on social media this week and fans were taken aback at how much he is the spitting image of his late grandad.

“The Greatest” sadly died at the age of 74 back in 2016 following a long battle with Parkinson’s. He had nine children, including Laila, who also competed as a professional boxer for eight years before retiring in 2007. Another of Ali’s grandsons, Nico Ali Walsh, is also currently making waves as a boxer too.

But this time it’s Conway Jr that is getting fans excited, with one Twitter user saying: “Reincarnation is real”.

The number of fans stunned at the uncanny likeness didn’t just stop there with another saying: “He looks like a spitting image of Muhammad Ali when he was a teen!”

Another user pointed to the likeness while also paying tribute to the legendary sporting icon himself. “He looks just like his grandad,” they said. “Only person I ever watched boxing. Loved that man.”

“Wow, definitely see the resemblance,” wrote another boxing fan on the social media platform.

Mohammad Ali was an icon of his sport and won fans across the globe
Mohammad Ali was an icon of his sport and won fans across the globe (Image: Getty Images)

Muhammad Ali shot to fame in the 1960s as a formidable fighter, as well as having the personality to go alongside his phenomenal talent. During a career that spanned 21 years he won 56 of his 61 bouts and claimed the world heavyweight title three times.

He fought in some of the most historic boxing matches ever, including his fights with Sonny Listen, Joe Frazier – the Thrilla in Manila – and his fight with George Forman dubbed The Rumble in the Jungle.

The great man thrived in the spotlight with his talk and persona and that helped endear him to so many across the globe.

With his grandson being the absolute spitting image of him looks-wise, who knows what other talents he may possess that he also inherited from his grandfather.

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