The Undertaker

The Undertaker’s challenge to Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble 2006 was special

With the Royal Rumble fast approaching, lets take a look at one of the best WWE moments to take place that wasn’t in a match, but after one.

At the 2006 edition, the recently crowned new World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry in the main event but his night was not finished there.

While celebrating a hard fought win, the Olympic Gold Medallist was greeted by the arrival of The Undertaker in one of his best entrances arguably ever. A message and warning was sent to Angle in this memorable segment.

The Deadman announced his intentions in grandiose fashion

The Undertaker had not been seen since Armageddon, where he had defeated Randy Orton inside Hell in a Cell to end their brilliant rivalry. He decided to mark his return just as Angle thought he was safe.

The famous gong hit almost straight after Angle was announced as the winner of his match and saw Taker enter the arena on a horse and carriage unlike anything we had seen before. A group of druids, of course, also accompanied him.

Angle’s face was a look of shock and disbelief, and probably some fear. This must only have been multiplied by The Undertaker signalling his intention to take his title and then summoning lightning from his hands (yes, really) and collapsing the ring.

Take a look at this epic warning below (clip shared on Twitter by @2000s_WWE)

VIDEO: The Undertaker sends a message to Kurt Angle

Both Taker and Angle played their roles to perfection

Only The Undertaker could make something so obviously fake seem okay – it was just part of his shtick and fans loved him for it. Michael Cole and Tazz on commentary really add to the moment also, as at this time The Undertaker was legitimately the grim reaper of the WWE and primarily Smackdown.

Angle meanwhile shows off his acting chops with his scared and fearful performance, epitomised by his gripping of his precious World title.

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Comments left on the thread are glowing in their praise of the return and the storytelling as a whole, while one fan laments the rather small number of World titles won by The Phenom.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker
The Undertaker

What happened next?

In one of the all-time great World title matches at No Way Out 2006, Kurt Angle just about defeated The Undertaker, rolling him up while being locked in a deadly triangle choke.

The Undertaker Kurt Angle

The match arguably should have been held at WrestleMania and remains one of the best of both men’s incredible careers.

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