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WATCH: Young Jon Jones Once Admitted Regretting Not Meeting Ailing Muhammad Ali

Jon Jones previously disclosed that his most significant regret by far was not meeting boxing’s greatest, Muhammad Ali, prior to his passing. Jon Bones Jones has cemented himself as a perennial entity within the history books of the sport of mixed martial arts. The 35-year-old has solidified himself as an eternal great in MMA folklore with his incredible portfolio, which will perhaps never be rivalled by anyone else.

Accordingly, the present and future generations of up-and-coming fighters have taken to Jones as a person of influence. The American is also considered a source of inspiration in designing their own paths in this cruel yet rewarding line of work.

This can be attested to by the reactions of a couple of fighters on the UFC 285 fight card when meeting Jones. Ultimately, Jones himself has looked up to certain combat sports legends who paved the way for athletes such as Jones during the formative years of his career.

One such athlete was Muhammad Ali. Ali had become a figure that was greater than life itself for his efforts inside and outside the octagon, which motivated and influenced millions worldwide. Jones, a few years ago, had divulged that not meeting the GOAT was a substantial regret in his life.

Jon Jones once admitted that he was once remorseful about not meeting Muhammad Ali. 

Jones once stated that he repented for not meeting Muhammad Ali at the one opportunity he was presented to. Bones stated that someone within his circle convinced him that his preconceived notion and image of Ali was in the past.

The present version of the legendary boxer was just ill and unable to hold a conversation. When asked by a reporter who he would’ve loved to meet that he hadn’t met already, Jones said:

“I really regret not taking the opportunity to meet Muhammad Ali. That really sucked. We had an opportunity to go to a charity dinner, and someone convinced me not to go…They said, ‘You know, Muhammad’s so old at this point, he’s not the guy that you’re expecting, you know, he can barely speak and move’…

Jones continued:

“It’s like they were like it won’t be everything you thought it would be and I backed out of that opportunity, but i regret that big time”

Numerous individuals have pounced on any opportunity that was presented to them to meet the great one, regardless of Ali’s situation. Suffice it to say, Jones will carry that pine over that uneducated decision for a long time and take it to his grave.

Muhammad Ali and Jon Jones: A potential meeting of the GOATS! 

Ali’s legacy lives on over 50 years later and will continue to do so for as long as human beings continue to survive. His phenomenal work outside the ring was the principal reason for his success and admiration.

The former boxing heavyweight champion’s deeds outside the squared circle were a beacon of hope to millions worldwide that they would not have to settle for anything less than what they deserved. Needless to say, Jones would have gained a lot if he had been in the presence of Ali.

Given Jones’ personal history outside the octagon, it could have laid the foundation for him to better himself before the events in the last five years transpired.

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