The Undertaker

The Undertaker Is Still Coming To Grips With Retirement

The Undertaker discusses a potential coaching role and in-ring return.

Perhaps no other competitor has had a WWE career comparable to that of The Undertaker, who ended his WrestleMania run at a staggering 25-2. The 57-year-old has considered himself to be retired for two years now, but there have since been questions regarding whether he would take on a different role in the industry. During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani Meets, Taker revealed he’s been approached about coaching.

“I’ve been approached about doing it. My deal is, is trying to take what I did in my era and applying it to where the product is now. It’s tough. It’s tough for me,” Undertaker said. “I’m still coming to grips with not being in the ring, too. It’s tough for me. Even the other night, I have to say, man, I was in the ring, man. I’m feeling pretty good.”

When asked if he would return to the ring, Taker said, “I don’t think so. No, no. I guess you never say never. I don’t really have any aspirations to get back in the ring. I would love to be able to. I mean, in my mind and in my heart, there’s nothing I’d rather do, really.”

The WWE Hall of Famer believes he wouldn’t be able to physically deliver at a level that fans would expect out of him and would rather not try to “just do” his signature moves to pop a crowd.

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