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Carl Froch: Conor Benn Won’t Prove Anything By Beating Manny Pacquiao

Carl Froch has weighed in with his thoughts on a potential fight between Conor Benn and the legendary Manny Pacquiao.

Benn looks set to return to action this June, and Pacquiao looks to be the frontrunner to land the big money bout, which has been touted to land in either the Middle East or the United States.

Speaking on Froch Talks Fighting, ‘The Cobra’ admitted although he would watch the cross generational clash, he questioned what a victory over the faded Filipino would do for Benn at this stage.

“His next opponent, he’s talking about fighting Manny Pacquiao. It’ll be a big fight, because it’s Manny Pacquiao, he’s a legend of the game.”

“But the guy is 44 years old, it’s not going to prove anything if – or when – Conor Benn does beat Manny Pacquiao. But you never know, Pacquiao’s brilliant and seems to still be quite fit, even though he’s 44.”

“So it’s a decent fight. Do I want to see it? Yes, I’ll watch it. It’s something that gets Conor Benn back in the boxing game, and it’s a big name so it’s going to get him a lot of attention.”

“It’ll be difficult though, to move on from all the negativity from the drug tests. But it will be back to see him back in a ring and to get his career moving again.”

Although Hearn described a fight with ‘Pac-Man,’ as “ready to make,” revisiting a date with Chris Eubank Jr is also believed to be in the offing for Benn, as well as one with former welterweight world champion Kell Brook

‘The Special One’ is now back in training and looks to have his eyes set on a return to the ring, and has called for a showdown with Benn in the second half of this year.

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