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The Undertaker Shares When He’ll Refuse to Sign an Autograph

There have been recent reports of 'fans' taking things way too far and harrassing WWE Superstars.

The Undertaker has amassed a huge fanbase thanks to his incredible career in the ring, but don’t interrupt the Deadman’s personal time.

The topic of fans who cross the line when seeking autographs has been a hot issue as of late after Rey Mysterio was confronted by ‘fans.’

Mysterio refused to sign multiple autographs on items, believing that the ‘fans’ were just looking to sell them for profit.

Rhea Ripley recently shared an uncomfortable experience with a fan who chased her around an airport to get autographs on merchandise.

Saying No

For many fans, an autograph by the legendary Phenom would be the jewel of their wrestling memorabilia collection, but there are limits.

Speaking to ‘The Bet Las Vegas’ The Undertaker explained when he won’t sign an autograph for a fan.

“My kids play sports and it becomes a thing every weekend. People will come up and [say,] ‘Hey can I have [an autograph or a picture]?’ I appreciate you being a fan, but I’m not Undertaker [right now]. I’m dad this weekend and hopefully you understand that.”

Dealing with Fans

While some fans take things way too far (as seen in the Ripley and Mysterio cases) most aren’t like this at all.

In the interview, the WWE Hall of Famer said he recognizes that the vast majority of fans are pleasant, but it’s the few that ruin things.

“I’d say 95% of the people really do understand. Occasionally, you get somebody that is just so entitled that they feel like you’re a di*k. If you don’t understand, then I guess I am.”

Fans will get the chance to meet the legend under ideal circumstances during WrestleMania week.

The Undertaker will host his one-Dead-Man show at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Friday, March 24, and The Novo at LA Live on Friday, March 31.

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