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The Undertaker Assumed His John Cena Squash Match Would Be A 45-Minute War

The Deadman trained hard for a marathon against Cena only to find out it would be a five-minute squash on the day.

The Undertaker will go down as one of the most iconic performers in WrestleMania history. Competing at 21 WrestleManias before he was finally beaten by Brock Lesnar, The Steak will be something that is never matched, let alone beaten. The Deadman continued to compete on The Grandest Stage of Them All a few more times after that, including a squash match against John Cena.

Training For A 45-Minute War

Cena versus The Undertaker was a dream match for many fans for a very long time. Yes, they had clashed before, but not for almost two decades. When it finally happened and all fans got was a five-minute match where Undertaker got almost all of the offense, many were pretty disappointed. However, none of you would have been more annoyed at the end result than The Phenom himself.

“I didn’t know it was gonna be short till I got there that day,” Undertaker revealed to Chris van Vliet (H/T to Fightful for the transcription). “I’ve trained for a 45-minute war… I am going to light this place on fire, I felt good. And Vince [McMahon] calls me into his office and he goes okay, he says it’s just gonna be about five minutes.”

Even Cena Insisted It Needed To Be A Squash

Knowing how hard Undertaker had trained for the match, McMahon found the whole situation very amusing. “I said, I’m doing 30 or I’m not going out. And he’s like Mark, that’s not what we need,” Undertaker went on to say. The Deadman would eventually get Cena in the room who, much to his surprise, agreed with McMahon. “John comes in he goes, Oh no. He goes I talked mad smack about you dude. Yeah, you need to beat me quick and get this over with.”

As most of you will know, that’s exactly what happened. Cena sat in the crowd waiting for The Undertaker to show up and when he did, he beat the 16-time World Champion incredibly quickly. Whether Undertaker was in the right to want a much longer match or not will forever remain a mystery as The Phenom has retired and will presumably never wrestle again. Cena, on the other hand, will compete for the US Title at WrestleMania 39 in a little over a week.

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