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The Undertaker Blasts Modern Wrestlers for Not Developing and Protecting Their Characters

For 30-years, fans rarely got a glimpse of Mark Calaway. The curtains were always shut. All they got to know was The Undertaker. The Deadman lived the gimmick for three decades, very rarely allowing fans to see who he was behind the scenes. This is the one thing he feels that the talent today are not doing much of.

The Undertaker comes from a time when wrestlers religiously kept kayfabe alive. Today, almost everyone knows that everything they see on television has been scripted, and the wrestlers are only portraying characters. The Phenom seems to understand the reality of today but feels like wrestlers have gone too far in the opposite end.

The Undertaker blasts modern wrestlers for not developing and protecting their characters

In an interview with BT Sports’ Ariel Helwani, The Undertaker discussed the current state of pro-wrestling and what his take on it was.

“I think a lot of our talent, not just our talent, but just in general, they don’t understand any concept of protecting a character or even developing a character enough to want to protect it,” The Undertaker said.

He explained that it would be hard to be invested in a character if the person portraying it was completely different on social media.

The WWE Hall of Famer called himself a dinosaur, admitting that he had an old-school mentality about the business. But stated that it may have something to do with him lasting as long as he did in the business.

“You don’t have to go to the extremes that I did, but man, just a little bit,” The Undertaker said. “If you’re going to post something, at least kind of match what you’re trying to convince people.”

The Undertaker says wrestlers today are like human video games

During the same interview, The Undertaker was asked what he liked about the current crop of wrestlers. Taker was quick to state that he loved their athleticism. He acknowledged the criticism he received for his previous comments about wrestlers playing video games too much, before adding that the stuff they did inside the ring was something he could never imagine doing.

“These guys are like human video games,” The Undertaker said. “Their dedication to taking care of themselves is far better than what my generation did. They consider themselves professional athletes and conduct themselves that way.”

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