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“I Need Them to Feel the Pain They Put Me Through”: Nico Ali Walsh Makes Uncanny Remarks While Sharing Iconic Sylvester Stallone Moment With His Grandfather Muhammad Ali

To have Muhammad Ali‘s blood in your veins is something to be proud of. But, at the same time, that kinship carries immense pressure with itself. Living up to the legacy of one of the greatest showmen and personalities in the sport’s history is not easy. But, it seems like Muhammad Ali’s grandson Nico Ali Walsh is determined to live up to his late grandfather’s legacy and create one of his own. The 22-year-old is the son of Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Rasheda Ali, who herself is a strong advocate of Ali’s moral values.

In a recent chain of Instagram posts, Walsh Ali shared a famous video of his grandfather having a fun moment with ‘Rocky’ superstar Sylvester Stallone. And he shared a strong message depicting his hard mentality in the future.

Winning isn’t enough for Nico Ali Walsh

Ali Walsh took to Instagram and shared numerous pictures, including a viral video of the late Muhammad Ali. Nico Ali Walsh made his boxing debut in 2021, wearing his grandfather’s legendary white Everlast shorts. Since his debut, Ali Walsh went on to win seven more fights and is still undefeated in his professional career.

Ali Walsh,  nicknamed ‘The Legend Lives On,’ shared numerous posts of himself in training. He also shared the famous video of the interaction between Muhammad Ali and Sylvester Stallone at the 1977 Oscars. What should be noticed is the caption of the post. Walsh wrote “Adonis,” indicating the character of Adonics Creed played by Michael B Jordan in the Creed franchise. Apart from the photos of himself training, Walsh shared numerous messages on the spot depicting his mentality going into fights for his opponents.


“Winning isn’t enough. I need them to feel the pain they put me through. ” This is a message Walsh posted on Instagram. This can be considered a statement for his haters and depicts his hunger for greatness in the sport. Being the grandson of Muhammad Ali, Nico Ali Walsh revealed the effects of the late heavyweight champion on his training.

A sweet moment between Mike Tyson and Nico Ali Walsh

The boxing world is not unaware of the relationship Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson shared among each other. Tyson always considered Ali as his mentor and someone he looked up to. And it seems like the 56-year-old is doing the same for Ali’s grandson. Recently, Mike Tyson invited Ali Walsh to spend some time with his pigeons.


In a video posted by Michael Benson on Twitter, ‘Iron Mike’ is seen teaching Ali Walsh how to hold a pigeon. And, it seems like Walsh is hesitant and doubtful of holding a pigeon in his hands. This is a heartwarming moment the duo shared between two. Nico Ali Walsh is determined to become one of the greatest in the sport. And not let the Ali surname stop him from creating his own legacy.

What are your thoughts on Nico Ali Walsh’s mentality to become one of the greatest in the sport? Let us know in the comments.

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