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WWE’s Undertaker Addresses Return To Wrestling In The Future

At his WWE Hall of Fame induction, the Undertaker hints that he will come out of retirement by saying the iconic phrase "Never Say Never."

Along with the proverbial thank you’s and stories of old times, the Undertaker (Mark Calloway) also hinted at a potential comeback to WWE at his Hall of Fame induction. The beloved professional wrestler officially ended his 30-year wrestling career at Survivor Series back in 2020, coincidentally the exact same event he began his career at in 1990. Two years after his retirement, the Deadman was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame where he will forever be remembered as one of the most recognizable and entertaining wrestlers in WWE history.

Over the course of his 30 year career, the Undertaker accumulated a large number of in-ring accolades, including six tag team titles, several World Heavyweight titles, a Royal Rumble match win in 2007, and an astonishing 21-0 win streak in the Show of Shows. It wasn’t until WrestleMania 30 that the Undertaker was upset by Brock Lesnar, bringing his win streak to a shocking end. The Deadman also helped debut several WWE events, including the Casket Match at Survivor Series 1992, the Buried Alive Match in 1996, and the Hell in a Cell Match in 1997. All of these impressive accomplishments locked in his ticket to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Like most Hall of Fame inductees, the Undertaker enjoyed a trip down memory lane and a look back at his accomplishments over his 30-year career, but he also used the opportunity to hint at his future, as shown in this WWE tweet. After adorning the iconic hat and trench coat, the Deadman pulled the hat down to cover his eyes and stated, “never say never,” before sauntering off the stage to an eruption of cheers.

The WWE has seen several returns to the ring from previously retired wrestlers over the years, so the Undertaker won’t be doing anything totally out of the ordinary. However, it is always exciting to see a crowd favorite return to the fold after a few years removed. Shawn Michaels for instance, who the Undertaker talked about extensively in his induction speech, came out of his retirement to team up with Triple H for one more match against the Brothers of Destruction. While this ended up being an overall poor decision by Shawn Michaels, WWE fans hope that won’t be the case when the Undertaker makes his now-inevitable return.

Time can only tell if, or now when, the Undertaker will come out of his retirement to hop back in the WWE fighting ring, but after his riveting Hall of Fame induction speech, fans will be holding their breath until he does. While it is highly unlikely that fans will see the Undertaker make a full-time return to the ring, after uttering that oh-so-popular phrase, they might see an occasional cameo from one of the most beloved and respected wrestlers in the history of the program. Regardless of what happens from here on out, however, the Deadman will have an eternal place in touted WWE Hall of Fame and in the memories of WWE fans all over the world.

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