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Al Pacino Birthday Special: From The Godfather Part II to Heat, 5 Performances of the Acclaimed Star That Completely Floored Us!

Al Pacino is an actor best known for starring in films like The Godfather Part II, Heat and more. To celebrate his birthday, here are five of his best performances.

Al Pacino Birthday Special (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Al Pacino is an all-time great actor. A legacy that has constantly been going great for decades, Pacino is someone who will dedicate himself 100% to a role no matter what. A man who has done everything, his filmography is filled with great performances throughout which, honestly, can’t be rivalled easily. Acting in classics, this is a man who is surely going to be on Hollywood’s Mount Rushmore of actors. Al Pacino Says He ‘Gave Harrison Ford a Career’ After Turning Down the Role of Han Solo in Star Wars.

From The Godfather Part II to Insomnia, he has constantly delivered complicated characters deep rooted in their humanity. An internal struggle is always felt, and Pacino makes it seem so palpable in a way that you can’t help but connect with the character every time. So, to celebrate Al Pacino turning 83, here are five of his performances that completely floored us.

Frank Serpico (Serpico)

Portraying the titular detective in Serpico, Pacino gave it his all here. A powerful and bleak performance that sees a man truly obsessed with having the truth out there no matter what, Frank Serpico is a whistleblower trying to uncover the corruption of the New York City Police Department, and Pacino delivers big time.

Will Dormer (Insomnia)

Pacino teamed up with director Christopher Nolan that saw him play the role of Will Dormer, a detective investigating a murder in Nightmute, Alaska. It’s a psychologically draining performance where the star showcases the deteriorating mental health of Will extremely well, and Pacino is just great.

Tony Montana (Scarface)

Scarface is iconic for many reasons, but the biggest one of them all is due to Pacino’s performance as Tony Motana. Chronicling his rise to becoming a maniacal and feared drug lord, this is a look into the hellish nightmare that is fuelled with crime. Pacino delivers a crazy performance here that is filled with many memorable moments.

Vincent Hanna (Heat)

Pacino is particularly great at playing detectives, and his performance always speaks for it. In Michael Mann’s highly entertaining Heat, he plays Vincent Hanna, a man involved in a cat-and-mouse chase with Robert De Niro’s Neil McCauley, and he just delivers a very engaging performance.

Michael Corleone (The Godfather Part II)

Easily the best work of Pacino’s career, his turn as Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II was a highly personal performance that ranks among some of the bests ever. Michael Corleon is the Don of the Corleone family, and after an attempt on his life he tries to protect his people, and Pacino just brings that level of gravitas that’s needed to portray the role. The Godfather: James Caan’s Pics With Al Pacino And Others From The Film’s Premiere In 1972 Go Viral On Social Media.

Al Pacino is easily one of the best actors to ever do it, and this list definitely speaks for it. With this, we finish off the list and wish him a very happy birthday.

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