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Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali: Commerical and boxing kings

WBA President Gilberto Mendoza addressed a meeting recently and cited Floyd Mayweather and Muhammad Ali as examples in his speech.

Mendoza came to Ekaterimburgo with the only mission: to reach for a solution to the problem that crosses the boxing nowadays.

In one of the activities stipulated in a Global Forum.

The leader of the most ancient organism of the world debated with other big prominent figures of the world boxing as Francisco Valcárcel, Umar Kremlev and Stephan Fox.

The situation of the AIBA, the fondness of boxing and the professional side was the principal topic of the conversation.

Mendoza clarified that his intention is to collaborate in the situation and to obtain a successful solution. In addition, the president clarified that it tries of putting to the first boxing.

“The first thing is boxing, and the third party the boxing. Only later one speaks about the business,” said Mendoza in one of his first interventions.

”There is a question on the Olympian boxing and we all know that AIBA is suspended. We are here to look for a solution and how to demonstrate that we can work together.

“To look for points jointly is not a problem for us because we are united in this.”

Floyd Mayweather fit


Between so many points that touched each other between the business in the boxing, one spoke about being very media savvy as Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The ex-pound for pound king was one who exploited the commercial side of the sport. The leader gave his opinion Floyd brings over of the case opposite to all the assistants to the forum.

“He was one of the best boxers and it is a great example for his training. His life was different, was not the best. It is possible that his life may not have been anything good, but it was motivating for him to make it better. Not everyone has the possibility of doing what he did,” expressed the Venezuelan.


After speaking on Floyd, Mendoza had to speak on another end, Muhammad Ali.

“Ali’s case is different. He showed values of the sport. Here we have something different. The most important thing is boxing but we do not have Ali and Floyd every day, so we must support those who are now in the center.”

Between the projects that Mendoza proposes for the development of the boxing, it could speak it brings over of the very important one that has in mind and that expects to make concrete with the help of all.

“We must create a center of the sport. This is the most important thing. These children need a correct way without conflict. They have not had the options that others had.”

One of the priorities of Mendoza always has been the creation of the WBA Academy, which seeks to help to the formation of the technical personnel, trainers and the whole personnel related for the systematic development of the boxing.

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