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Muhammad Ali’s children: How many children did he have and what are they doing now?

You may have come across Muhammad Ali's children's pictures online. Ali is one of the greatest boxers on earth, known for his unmatched speed, stylistic versatility, and courage. He was also a philanthropist and social activist. Some of his children have followed in his footsteps by championing human rights.

The legendary boxer retired in 1981 after a successful career in the ring. Ali married six women and had nine children. He died in June 2016 after experiencing septic shock caused by natural causes. Since his death, many people have wondered who inherited his wealth and what his children are doing. This article highlights Muhammad Ali’s children’s ages and more details.

Muhammad Ali’s children’s biography

The legendary boxer was born on 17 January 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. He became famous after winning a gold medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. Muhammad Ali’s childhood was challenging compared to his children’s upbringing. His kids have grown and are pursuing different careers.

How many kids did Muhammad Ali father?

Ali had seven daughters and two sons with different women. He had mixed relationships with his kids. Some were close to him and adored his work, while others distanced themselves.

How many times did Muhammad Ali marry?

How many times did Muhammad Ali marry?
Muhammad Ali and his wife Yolanda attend the 2004 Kahlil Gibran Spirt of Humanity Awards, sponsored by the Arab American Institute in Washington. Photo: Stephen J. Boitano
Source: Getty Images

The former heavyweight world champion married four times. He married his first wife, Sonji Roi, in 1964 but parted ways after barely two years. Ali then tied the knot with Khalilah Camacho (Belinda Boyd) in 1967 and divorced in 1976. Veronica Porsche also exchanged wedding vows in 1977 in Los Angeles as his third wife. However, they divorced in December 1986. He married his fourth wife, Yolanda “Lonnie” Williams, the same year until his death.

How many illegitimate children did Muhammad Ali have?

The famous activist fathered two children out of wedlock. He had four with his second spouse (Khalilah), two with his third (Veronica Porsche), and one with his fourth, Yolanda Williams. He did not have a child with his first wife. So, what are Muhammad Ali’s children’s names and ages? Here are details of Muhammad Ali’s children’s mothers, their ages, and what they do now.

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9. Jamillah

What are Muhammad Ali's children's names?
Jamillah Ali-Joyce speaks during an award ceremony at Marriott Louisville Downtown on 23 September 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo: Duane Prokop
Source: Getty Images

Jamillah was born in 1970. She is one of the four kids of Khalilah and the boxer. Jamillad is an alumnus of the University of Illinois alumnus. She is married and has kids. The 53 years old (as of April 2023) is also known for actively donating to underprivileged families in Chicago through Ephraim Bahar Cultural Center.

8. Rasheda

Muhammad Ali's children's pictures
Author Rasheda Ali-Walsh holds a Caesars Palace Icon Award she accepted for her father during the 50th-anniversary gala at Caesars Palace on 6 August 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Denise Truscello
Source: Getty Images

Rasheda is Jamillah’s twin sister. Unlike her sister, she ventured into writing and public speaking. Reshad studied at the University of Illinois and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. She has a son, Nico, a boxer following his grandfather’s footsteps.

7. Maryum

Muhammad Ali's children's biography
Maryum Ali, the legendary boxer’s eldest child, delivers a eulogy speech during the memorial service for his father at the KFC Yum Center on 10 June 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo: Michael B. Thomas/AFP
Source: Getty Images

Maryum is the sister to Rasheda and Jamillah. She used to rap in her early 20s and even released an album called “The Introduction” through Scottie Bros Records. Maryum later quit rapping to focus on her studies. She attained a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. Maryum also served as a spokesperson for The Parkinson Alliance to raise awareness about PD.

6. Muhammad Ali Jr.

Muhammad Ali children's names
Muhammad Ali, Jr., son of boxing legend, speaks during a forum on the consequences of US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on 9 March 2017. Photo: Mandel Agan
Source: Getty Images

Muhammad Ali Jr. is one of the kids who had a negative relationship with their father. In 2014, he revealed in an interview that the legendary boxer had neglected him to suffer in poverty. He is the only legitimate son of the fighter, born to Khalilah.

He has an organisation that helps kids struggling with bullying and promotes anti-racism. Filmmaker Chad Verdi released his story in the documentary “My Father Muhammad Ali” in January 2023. The film narrates the story of the world champion through the eyes of his only biological son, Ali Jr.

5. Miya

Muhammad Ali's children's mothers
Miya (C) and her sisters Maryum (L) and Hana (R) attend the “I Am Ali” New York Premiere at Tribeca Grand Hotel on 2 October 2014 in New York City. Photo: Gary Gershoff
Source: Getty Images

Miya is one of the kids the boxer got outside of marriage with Patricia Harvell. Miya was mainly raised with her mother and barely knew her father’s iconic status. She studied at Teaneck High School in Bergen County, New Jersey, before furthering her studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan Campus and then at Andrews University.

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Miya is an experienced Sales Manager and has worked in different managerial positions in several companies. She has a kid and supports her sister at Laila Ali Lifestyle as a brand ambassador.

4. Khaliah

How many illegitimate children did Muhammad Ali have?
Khaliah Ali, daughter of the legendary boxer, during an NBC TV show on 23 January 2023. Photo: Nathan Congleton
Source: Getty Images

Khaliah is an author, a renowned fashion designer, and a real estate agent. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Spencer Wertheimer, and their son Jacob. Her mother, Aisha Fletcher, also had a secret relationship with the former world boxing champion. Khaliah is also a public speaker and has appeared in numerous TV and radio shows.

3. Hana

Hana is Ali’s third youngest child, born on 15 June 1976 to Veronica Porsche. Hana has ventured into writing and has authored several books, including her 2018 biography called “At Home with Muhammad Ali”, detailing the ups and downs of her father. Hana is married to Kevin Casey, a Mixed Martial Artist. They live in Los Angeles.

2. Laila

Muhammad Ali's children's pictures
Female middleweight boxer Laila Ali (white trunks) looks on after knocking down Karen Bill during a boxing match on 8 April 2000 in Detroit, Michigan. Photo: Focus on Sport
Source: Getty Images

Laila followed in her father’s footsteps and became one of the greatest female boxers in history. She competed from 1999-2007 and finished her career undefeated. Laila graduated from Santa Monica College. She has appeared in numerous TV shows and starred in some seasons of The Masked Singer series and the Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? TV series.

1. Assad Amin Ali

How many kids did Muhammad Ali father?
The former world champion with his adopted son, Assad, on his farm in Berrien Springs, Michigan, on 14 May 1997. Photo: Carol Guzy
Source: Getty Images

Ali and his last wife, Yolanda, adopted Assad in 1986 when he was five. Assad is the boxer’s youngest son. He chose the path of baseball and even played in Major League Baseball (MLB). Assad, who played as a catcher, got drafted by the Anaheim Angels in the 40th round in 2009.

Assad has a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Louisville. Sources reveal that he now works as an assistant baseball coach and recruiting coordinator for a local college and an area scout for the Chicago White Sox.

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Who inherited Muhammad Ali’s money?

The former world champion left his vast asset valued at around $80 million. His wife, Lonnie, earned a 20% stake in his company.

Who controls Muhammad Ali’s estate?

After the boxer’s death, his wife, Lonnie, and his children inherited the bulk of his estate. Reports suggest his kids got $6 million each, and the rest went to Lonnie. However, the distribution of his assets sparked controversy and legal battles among his family.

Muhammad Ali’s children, Maryum and Muhammad Jr. sued his wife, Lonnie, for mismanaging his estate and keeping them from receiving their fair share of the inheritance. However, the case got settled out of court. Despite the boxer’s death and controversies, his spirit inspires the world.

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