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LEGEND ACCUSED George Foreman family member says he ‘raped her when she was 15’ after becoming third woman to accuse the boxer

THE third woman to accuse George Foreman of child abuse is allegedly related to the boxing legend, a new lawsuit claims.

Business mogul and celebrated athlete Foreman is now fighting three lawsuits which all claim he molested girls as young as 13 decades ago.

Retired boxing champion George Foreman has been sued by a third woman who claims he raped her when she was just 15

Retired boxing champion George Foreman has been sued by a third woman who claims he raped her when she was just 15Credit: Rex
The athlete and business mogul is fighting allegations from three women who all claim they were abused by the man, but he maintains his innocence

The athlete and business mogul is fighting allegations from three women who all claim they were abused by the man, but he maintains his innocenceCredit: AP:Associated Press

Foreman, 74, denies any involvement in the abuse and plans to fight the claims in court.

The newest filing details the horrific moment that the latest accuser, now 64, was forced upon by Foreman when she was just 15.

The unnamed woman claims that she traveled to his ranch in Livermore, California, around 1974 where the incident allegedly occurred. Foreman was 24 at the time.

According to the complaint seen by The U.S. Sun, the accuser was born in Houston, Texas, and is a “relative by marriage” of Foreman.

The filing never officially identified Foreman as the alleged abuser, but revealed his identity by saying “Doe 1 defeated Joe Frazier in 1973 to become the heavyweight champion of the world.”

The then-15-year-old flew to the ranch on a flight expensed by Foreman to help babysit his child, the complaint states.

Foreman has 12 children born to five different wives. He was married to Adrienne Calhoun around the time the alleged victim visited.

According to the document, she was “excited about the opportunity to visit California and to meet her world family relative.”

However, the visit took a dark turn when Foreman began quizzing her on sexually explicit topics, “questions which Plaintiff replied that she had absolutely no experience of,” the complaint alleges.

He then allegedly offered money in order to have sex with her and stated that “while penetrating her he wanted to climax inside of her,” but she refused.

The relative claims that she was then raped by Foreman.

Horrified and confused, the accuser said in the suit that she did not tell anyone of the alleged rape “because the incident involved a family member.”

“On that basis, in order to cope with the fear and pain, Plaintiff blocked the memory from [her] mind as her only coping mechanism as to the sexual assault,” the suit claims.

She said that the horrific memories flooded her mind only three years ago when her friends were discussing examples of abuse.

The newest accuser went on to say she was inspired to come forward after the hauntingly similar stories of two other alleged victims came to light.

The two women filed lawsuits in Los Angeles County last year that alleged the retired boxing champion abused them in the 1970s.

The alleged victims said they met the former heavyweight champion through their dads, according to court documents.

One woman, who reportedly first met Foreman when she was around eight, claimed she was taken for ice cream by the boxing ace.

She alleged that he let her sit on his lap while he was driving.

She also alleged that Foreman was sexually inappropriate and claimed the pair had sex when she was 15 and the boxer was 24.

Court documents claimed the second alleged victim first met Foreman when she was nine.

She claimed the former boxing ace would sexually abuse her until she turned 16.

The accusers claimed that Foreman forced them to have sex with him, according to the court documents.

Foreman has vehemently denied the latter allegations but has yet to break his silence on the newest suit.

Last year, he told the New York Post: “Over the past six months, two women have been trying to extort millions of dollars each from me and my family.

“They are falsely claiming that I sexually abused them over 45 years ago in the 1970s.

“I adamantly and categorically deny those allegations.”

Foreman vowed that he won’t be “intimidated” by threats and lies that he describes as “baseless”.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Foreman’s lawyers for comment on the newest lawsuit.

The ex-athlete won Olympic gold after competing in the heavyweight division at the Mexico 1968 Games.

The boxer, known as Big George, famously ended Joe Frazier’s 29-0 undefeated streak in Kingston, Jamaica.

Foreman’s first loss in professional boxing came when he was defeated by Muhammad Ali in the iconic Rumble in the Jungle fight.

Foreman was the oldest world heavyweight champion in history before retiring after he suffered his fifth professional defeat, losing to Shannon Briggs in November 1997.

Outside the boxing ring, Foreman is best known for being the founder of the George Foreman Grill – which launched in 1994.

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