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“It Was Like an Assassination”: Joe Rogan Recalls Mike Tyson at His “Destructive Best” in His “Most Violent Fight”

The UFC commentator Joe Rogan is a huge fight fan who has vast knowledge when it comes to combat sports. The 55-year-old has huge respect for boxing legend Mike Tyson. Back in the day, Tyson was known as ‘Iron Mike,’ and in the later part of his career, he was popularly known as ‘The Baddest Man on Earth’. Tyson got his name because of his ferocious moves, which have the ability to destroy any opponent. Rogan is undoubtedly a fan of the legend. In his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan has talked several times about Tyson. Due to the UFC commentator’s admiration, he invited ‘Iron Mike’ as a guest on his podcast as well.

In a throwback episode of JRE, Rogan watched ‘Iron Mike’s match against Marvis Frazier. After watching the bout, he detailed his own experience watching the match when it actually took place. Rogan had great words for ‘Kid Dynamite.’

Joe Rogan stunned at the scariest moves of Mike Tyson

Joe Rogan was talking on his show JRE about the great match between Mike Tyson and Marvis Frazier. Rogan said, “This is Mike Tyson when he is at his f*cking most destructive best. Tyson just destroyed Marvis Frazier in the most violent fight I have ever seen in a boxing match and I thought to myself back then, if there is one person that would be the most terrifying person to be encountered with it would be Mike Tyson.

Talking further on the great performance of Tyson, Rogan added, “That’s ever lived cause in my opinion, this was the scariest I have ever seen a human being be in my life. Tyson just stepped to him and just started f*cking blasting him. Got him in his corner right here and this is the end, right here. That’s all before he can fall down.

Rogan added, “He is already unconscious. Tyson hits him 4 times more before he even gets to the ground. It was like an assassination.“In the bout, Tyson knocked out Frazier just 30 seconds into the first round. It was the fastest knockout of Iron Mike’s professional career.

If Mike Tyson was an MMA fighter

The UFC commentator Joe Rogan has worked as an MMA analyst for nearly two decades now. Rogan has always surprised fans with his informative analysis of the sport. In an episode of JRE, Rogan talked about Mike Tyson as an MMA fighter. Rogan believed that ‘Iron Mike’ had the potential to beat any great MMA fighter that ever lived. The UFC commentator mentioned that if Tyson tried his hands at MMA, he would have been the greatest MMA fighter. Rogan added that Tyson would have destroyed any fighter if he had gotten to train under Cus D’Amato. The UFC commentator feels that Tyson would be the most undestroyable man on earth if he learned grappling and submission skills.

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