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Mike Tyson’s ex-Trainer Sick of Boxing Administrators After Controversy in Rolly Romero vs. Ismael Barroso

Rolly Romero made his return to the ring yesterday for a WBA (super) lightweight title bout against Ismael Barroso. Both Romero and Barroso appeared to be ready to prove themselves and secure the vacant title. Although previously, Romero was supposed to face Alberto Puello. Barroso became his opponent after Puello tested positive for banned substances. The duo went at each other, giving everything they got. However, the result of the fight shocked the boxing world, professionals and fans alike.

Romero claimed the title belt as the fight ended in a 9th-round TKO. Despite Barroso being older, 40 years, Romero knew he wasn’t going in for an easy fight. And Barroso proved himself to be a strong and enduring opponent. He even sent Romero to the canvas with an overhand punch that caught Romero off-guard during the third round. However, Romero kept calm and recovered. And during the 9th round, he had Barroso on the ropes. He started unleashing punches on Barroso, who seemed to dodge a fair bit of them.

However, the referee stopped the fight and Romero became the new WBA (super) lightweight champion. This result shocked the whole boxing world as fans didn’t understand why the fight ended so abruptly. Even Teddy Atlas who trained Mike Tyson when he was a teenager took to Twitter to criticize the result.

Teddy Atlas heavily criticizes Rolly Romero vs Ismael Barroso

Teddy Atlas didn’t hold anything back as he criticized the boxing administration relentlessly. He made multiple tweets calling out the referee for making such a controversial call.

In one of his tweets, he wrote that it is people’s prerogative if they like his opinion or not. He claimed that he has been consistent with his criticism towards the sport’s administrators.


In another one of his tweets, he complimented the fans for being able to see the truth. He said that at least the fans are neither ‘crazy’ nor ‘corrupt’. He further added that fans know what they see and what they don’t see.

The victor, Romero too acknowledged that Borroso is a warrior and should have been allowed to continue. Barroso also shared his disappointment with the fight abruptly stopping. He called it an “Injustice” to stop the fight, and said that he was “giving it his all”. What makes the stoppage more controversial is that Romero was behind on all the judges’ scorecards. This raises a lot of questions about the possible foul play involved.


Overall, almost everyone agrees on the fact that the 9th-round stoppage was uncalled-for. Whether there is something fishy going on still remains uncertain. What do you think about the situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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