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“The Dark Side of Boxing”: After Covering Medical Expenses While in Comma, Devastated Manny Pacquiao Joins Millions in Mourning Death of 22 Yo Boxer

Boxing is a dangerous sport. Two boxers risk a lot of things when they step foot inside the ring to face each other. During a fight, numerous things can go wrong and have long altering impacts on the boxers’ lives. It is safe to say that boxing is not for the light-hearted and needs a strong sense of reality to be a fan of it. There have been incidents in the past wherein boxers have exhaled their last breath, credited to the injuries incurred inside the boxing ring. And recently, the boxing world experienced such a loss.

Recently, a Filipino boxer named Kenneth Egano passed away after sustaining injuries inside the boxing ring from his last-ever boxing match. His death has shocked the boxing world, and fans worldwide have come together to mourn the death of the young boxer. He was only 22. Former eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao has also joined the fans in mourning his loss.

“Rest in Peace, Champ”: 22-Year-Old Ukrainian Boxer Dies While Serving His Country; Fans Left Heartbroken

Egano fought in the blow-by-blow boxing program which Pacquiao promotes. He prevailed in the eight-round fight against Jason Facularin. But he passed out waiting for the result announcement. He was rushed to the nearby hospital, diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage and coma.

Unfortunately, the 22-year-old was unable to fight through this battle.’Pac-Man’ offered to pay for the medical expenses of Egano after hearing the news of his being hospitalized. But sadly, he passed away on Wednesday. His professional record stood at 7-1. But he was unable to hear his name being announced as the winner of his last fight.


His death has taken the boxing world by surprise. And highlights the dangers two boxers face when they step foot inside the ring. Two boxers don’t leave everything they have within themselves inside the boxing ring. Last year, the death of another young professional boxer left the world in splits.

Fans join Manny Pacquiao in mourning the loss

Manny Pacquiao reacted to the loss of the young boxer and said, “There is nothing more precious than human life. Boxing is truly a dangerous sport, and the boxers deserve nothing but respect as they put their lives on the line. Other sports you play, but you don’t play boxing.”

One fan called this the dark side of the sport while mourning the loss. He wrote, “The dark side of boxing. My sincerest and deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family.” Another fan noticed the dangers of the sport. He commented, “again boxing is no joke its still theost dangerous sport.jitting your opponent till he gets immobilized not a fan of this gladiator sport rip bro.”

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One fan wrote, “So sad about this news at a very young age of 22 he passed away. He’s a good boxer based on his record. Rest in peace Kenneth. Condolences to the family.” A fan called Kenneth their hero. He commented, “You’re a winner, and still a hero..Kenneth 💪💐🙏 deepest sympathy to the bereaved family. Grant eternal rest unto his soul, Amen.”

One fan raised his voice against the dangers of the sport and wants the rule to change. He commented, “He died doing what he is passionate about though this sport needs physical strength it also requires a lot of safety measures maybe this is the perfect time to revisit the “rules”, may he rest in peace and our condolences to the bereaved family, you fought well sir.”

Egano’s death is a great loss to the boxing world. But it also highlights the dangers a boxer opens himself to while stepping inside the boxing ring. His death raises questions about the safety of boxers and the boxing world would wait to see some changes in the sport with time.

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