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“You’ll Talk So Much S**t Man”: Mike Tyson Put on Spot by Guest After Major Podcast Announcement Featuring Two MMA Icons

Podcasts have become a great medium for entertainment in recent years, as it allows the creators to be free from the hassle of hours of editing, scripting, etc. Whether it is Logan Paul‘s ImPAULsive podcast or the world-famous Joe Rogan‘s Joe Rogan Experience, these shows has pioneered the art of podcasts. And despite being a legendary boxer, even Mike Tyson has tried his hands on podcasts, and it’s safe to say that his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson has become a hit. Fans get to see a different laid-back kind of Tyson, which was previously hidden.

Tyson’s podcast has hosted a lot of different guests from different fields as they delve into topics beyond just boxing. Some of the most notable personalities who appeared on the podcast include EminemTyson Fury, Joey DiazCanelo AlvarezSnoop Dogg, etc. Tyson’s willingness to share his personal experiences and perspectives makes the show both entertaining and enlightening.

Mike Tyson to be the first guest of Criss Angel’s podcast

Recently, an American magician, illusionist, and musician Criss Angel appeared on Tyson’s podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. Criss made a surprising revelation of his own new podcast and even put the legendary boxer in a spot as he did so. Recently, ChatGPT also received a bad rep on Mike Tyson’s podcast.

Mike Tyson found himself on the spot during a recent podcast announcement featuring two MMA icons, Frank Mir and Rampage Jackson. The announcement was for a new podcast of the magician, Criss Angel, called “Talking Junkies”. And Angel announced that it will also feature comedian Mike Hammer. Angel revealed that Tyson will be the first guest on the show, and Tyson didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation.

Mike Tyson excited about ‘Talking Junkies’

The announcement was made during a lively conversation in which the group joked and teased each other. Angel shared his excitement about the new show, saying it’s going to be “off the hook.” And Tyson chimed in, saying it was going to be “so funny.” When Angel asked Tyson to be the first guest, Tyson replied with an enthusiastic “F**k yeah,” showing his eagerness. He even said, “That’ll be crazy. You’ll talk so much sh*t man.

The podcast promises to be a unique blend of humor, entertainment, and insight into the world of MMA and boxing. With Tyson set to be the first guest, fans of the former Heavyweight Champion can expect to hear some interesting stories and perspectives from the boxing legend.

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