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Despite Millions in Earnings, Olympic Gold Medal, and World Titles, Daughter Says Boxing Didn’t Make Muhammad Ali Successful

‘The Greatest’, was the moniker that the legendary Muhammad Ali gave to himself and later it was accepted by the whole world. It was blatantly visible to the world that Ali had some unique traits inside as well as outside the boxing ring. He started to build his reputation among boxing fans after he won an Olympic gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics. But according to his daughter Rasheda Ali, it was not his Olympic win and earnings that made him ‘successful’.

Following his Olympic win, he started winning world titles. And to add to that, his innate ability to trash-talk his opponents became a recipe for success that very few could achieve in the sport. Although he was not born in an era of massive athlete endorsement deals, he was able to secure many sponsorships with big companies like Chevrolet, Under Armour, Pizza Hut, Adidas, Wheaties, Coke, Gatorade, and Toyota, following his retirement from boxing. Such was his aura that he quickly became a global brand. But there was something more to him!

Muhammad Ali’s daughter reveals the quality that made her father successful

Rasheda Ali appeared on the UP-CLOSE show on YouTube and talked about how in her childhood, she used to help people all the time. This was one of the crucial values that were predominant in Ali’s household. Muhammad Ali believed that the sole purpose of everybody in this life is to serve others. And Rasheda Ali wants to instill these values into her children as well.

And I think that’s the key when you look at the formula of success it’d be just that, to serve others,” she said.

She also stated that boxing didn’t make her dad successful, as people saw Ali in a totally different light than just a boxer. She said, “When people look at Muhammad Ali and what made him successful, they can- most of them will agree that he was a humanitarian and he served others his whole entire life and I think that’s what made him successful.

That’s not it. She also talked about how Ali was still fighting his last bout while suffering from Parkinson’s. His values and dedication set him apart from those around him and cemented his name in the world of boxing.

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