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“He Was the Pit Bull With No Leash”: Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart Once Talked About “Phenom” Mike Tyson Amid Recent Disclosure of His Obsession

In the debate of who is the greatest boxer of all time, one name emerges prominently: Mike Tyson. This notion leaves little room for disagreement, thanks to the overwhelming evidence amassed by the legendary boxer throughout his illustrious career. Tyson’s extraordinary life, filled with success, fame, controversy, and a remarkable comeback, resembles a gripping movie plot.

With an impressive stack of achievements, Tyson has left little room for anyone to argue against his claim to greatness. Even prominent figures like UFC commentator Joe Rogan have been vocal about Tyson’s dominance in the boxing world. Rogan joins the chorus of countless admirers who recognize Tyson’s undeniable skill and impact.

However, amidst the ferocious persona for which Tyson is known, the 56-year-old also possesses a softer side, as revealed in recent discussions. Tyson has spoken openly about his obsession with pigeons, a hobby that showcases the human side of the beastly individual people have come to admire.

Similarly, when popular comedian and actor Kevin Hart joined Joe Rogan on his podcast how the two ended up discussing a story that encapsulated both the humane element and the destructiveness associated with Tyson.

When Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart discussed the greatness of Mike Tyson

In 2020, during episode #1480 of the JRE, the renowned comedian Kevin Hart graced Joe Rogan‘s podcast as a guest. The two spoke about a variety of topics, but one subject that particularly caught their attention was the legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

As the conversation shifted gears, Rogan dove deep into the intricacies of what made Tyson an extraordinary figure in the world of boxing. The podcaster said, “He’s one of those super winners that just- when he was young… he was, basically had no love in his life. Until he met Cus D’Amato.”

He added, “Cus D’Amato became a father-figure [to him]. But also, Cus D’Amato was a hypnotist and psychologist… and a fantastic boxing coach as well. And took this young kid and showed him, ‘You’re gonna get love from accomplishment and you’re gonna conquer and you’re gonna become the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.’”

The podcaster also stated, “Up until the moment he died, Mike Tyson was just a phenom. A thing that we’ve never seen before.”In response to that, Kevin Hart commented, “He was the Pit Bull with no leash, that respected one person. And anybody else at any given time feared the f**k out of this Pit Bull.”

However, that was just scratching the surface. From thereon, Rogan persistently unraveled the essence of what differentiated Mike Tyson from his peers.

The rarity of ‘Iron Mike’

Drawing from his own experience in combat sports, Rogan recognized the relentless dedication and unwavering determination required to reach the pinnacle of excellence.

In the midst of this enlightening discussion, the UFC commentator couldn’t help but emphasize Tyson’s unparalleled intensity. Rogan stated, “He’s just got an intensity that your rarely see from any fighter. There’s a fury that burns inside of him.”

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“You can’t manufacture that. You either have or you don’t”, added the UFC commentator.

Athletes like Mike Tyson truly belong to the realm of the elite. They come around once in a generation, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and capturing the imaginations of fans worldwide. As the idiom goes, Tyson’s passion and tenacity were truly one in a million.

What are your thoughts on Mike Tyson? Do you think he is the greatest boxer of all time? Let us know in the comments below.

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