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Months After Exposing Truth Behind Angry Confrontation With Donald Trump Over Affair With His Ex-Wife, Mike Tyson Stresses on Having “Great Relationship” With Former US President

Boxing legend Mike Tyson and former US president Donald Trump are an unusual pair of associates who have had a long and upstanding relationship. Their association began in the late 1980s when the former champion was making waves in the boxing world. Trump, a prominent businessman and entertainment mogul, recognized Tyson’s extraordinary talent and eagerly supported his career. This friendship reached new heights during Tyson’s fight against Michael Spinks, which Trump facilitated by bidding a staggering $11 million to host the fight at the Atlantic City Convention Hall.

However, their relationship would hit a rough patch when rumors circulated about an alleged affair between Trump and Tyson’s ex-wife, Robin Givens. This claim led to an angry confrontation with ‘Iron’ Mike directly asking the former president if he had an affair with his ex-wife. Despite this, Tyson denied this rumor and revealed that he always had a great partnership with Trump. Moreover, he even praised the business mogul during a recent interview.

Mike Tyson details his relationship with Donald Trump

In a recent appearance on the Valuetainment podcast, Tyson was asked to expand on his appearance with Trump for a UFC event. The former champion then revealed that he had a great relationship with him and did not understand why people did not like him.

I don’t know why people don’t like him. Trump is the man! He had this fan base, these supporters, and they will stick with him. I’ve never had a bad moment with him. I became profited from him. It was just a great relationship,” said Tyson.

The relationship between the two has lasted over decades so it is not surprising to see Tyson come in support of Trump. Moreover, with many of ‘Iron’ Mike’s fights taking place under venues owned by the former president, it is hard to see him criticize Trump.

Donald Trump appears with Mike Tyson and Kid Rock at UFC 287

Trump made a surprise appearance at the UFC 287 event held at Miami’s Kaseya Center on Saturday night, garnering enthusiastic applause from fight fans. Videos and photos shared on social media captured the moment as he entered the arena alongside notable figures such as Kid Rock, Mike Tyson, and UFC president Dana White.


He attended the event to watch the highly anticipated main event between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira, as well as the fight featuring vocal Trump supporter Jorge Masvidal. Moreover, despite being a controversial figure his presence garnered a lot of applause from fans who were cheering whenever the former president was caught on camera.

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